Mariah Milano Does First ‘True’ Anal for Jules Jordan

MIAMI—After a decade in the business has performed her first anal scene—sort of. The Latina star shot a couple of extremely brief anal scenes as an amateur 10 years ago, which clearly won’t showcase her the way will.

"I had shot a couple of anal scenes back in the late ’90s when I was 18 years old but they weren't real anal scenes,” Milano told AVN. “The longest one was probably two minutes and that was with Randy West in Up ‘n’ Cummers 65. I tried it a few other times but without much success, so I wanted a true anal scene with a professional and the best choice in my opinion was Jules Jordan."

Jordan shot Milano, a Florida resident, in South Beach for his Ass Worship series.

"We were going to shoot some of the scene outside but the weather wasn't too good so we just shot it in his hotel room, which was amazing,” Milano said. “Jules likes natural light so I think this is going to turn out to be a great scene and make a lot of people happy."

So how to Milano prep for her scene?

"I am definitely not a professional when it comes to anal sex, on or off camera, so I was very nervous that I would do a good scene and that Jules would be happy,” she said. “It's all I thought about for two weeks before we shot it, but my big booty took it good.

“I practiced with a butt plug a few times but decided that I just wanted him to do it without all the stuff other girls do, like sleeping with butt plugs in or having one in their ass during makeup. I just couldn't sit still for an hour with a plug in my ass."

Milano said that it was a combination of fan requests, timing and a nice payday that prompted her to do the scene.

Milano also has announced that she’s signed with LA Direct Models for representation.

"LA Direct is the biggest and the best, and after seeing how they run things I am really impressed,” Milano said. “They are so professional and do everything to make sure that the producer and the talent are taken care of. I love the way they operate. [LA Direct agent] Mike Moz was my publicist, and when I found out he was at LA Direct it cinched my decision for me.”