Magnus Sullivan, Make National Headlines in Chile

SANTIAGO, Chile—Veteran adult industry filmmaker Magnus Sullivan, the co-owner of and author of the blog and recent book "Better Than the Hand," recently spoke in Santiago, Chile, with Jane Morgan (founder of Chile’s first sex-positive Toy store, Japi Jane) and Jaime Coloma (one of Chile’s best-known TV personalities) about male sexuality and the importance of a sex positive culture. His message about the importance of masturbation and porn quickly made national headlines.

Coloma was present for Sullivan’s lecture at Japi Jane and he asked Sullivan to conduct an interview to discuss the ideas in his book, "Better Than the Hand: How Masturbation Is the Key to Better Sex & Healthier Living." Coloma was also interested in Sullivan’s experience making feature length, hardcore narrative films. The interview (conducted in Spanish) lasted 90 minutes and an excerpt was quickly posted to Coloma’s Youtube channel.
Within hours of the interview being posted to Coloma’s YouTube channel, picked up the story and ran it online and in print the following day.
The interview was also picked up by the popular website, , and the story continues to light up social media in this southernmost tip of the world.

"I felt it was important on many levels to bring the message of and to Chile," Sullivan said, noting that the country had also just elected a conservative businessman as President. "I was really surprised, however, by the response I received. People are both entranced and terrified by the simple message that open, consensual sexuality in all of its forms is healthy. You would think that this would be common knowledge by now, but people are still shocked by even the most innocuous statements about self-pleasure and the benefits of porn."