Lusty Library Adds Fan Fiction Section to Site

, an erotic fiction site powered by Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network and known for its erotic podcasts, has added a fan fiction section to its library offerings.

The stories, which detail the "unauthorized" and decidedly fictional sexual exploits of celebrities and characters from TV shows, books, comics, movies, and games, have become wildly popular on the Web. Though the stories are not intended for profit, they have been banned from certain mainstream sites.

"Lusty Library is so excited to have added this new facet," says the Lusty Librarian, the site’s administrator. "I know fan fic writers are very passionate people and we hope to attract more and more people to our burgeoning community with this latest category."

Along with the new fan fiction section, LustyLibrary features a wide range of erotic fiction appealing to many niches, as well as writing tips and resources for budding writers, a "Dear Flabby" sex advice forum, RSS feeds, podcasts, and a monthly e-newsletter. Stories, which are submitted from around the globe, are added during the site’s daily updates.