Lupe Fuentes Launches Sexy Little Angel Clothing Line

LOS ANGELES—Diminutive adult star has had difficulty finding stylish, sexy clothes that fit her small frame, so she’s created a clothing line for petite women like herself called .

The 4-foot-9, 79-pound Fuentes believes “one size does not fit all.”

“I have always had an eye for fashion,” Fuentes said. “Even when I was living in Spain, I would buy clothes and cut them apart so I could wear them. I love skin-tight clothing that shows my shape because I work very hard to keep my body in shape. Now, every small girl and woman who wants to show off their bodies will have a brand they can count on to let them feel like a rock star!”

Sexy Little Angel comprises a few collections, notably the Teenie Bikini and Fuentes’ Crazy Pants. The company’s online store soon will carry shoes, accessories and other sexy items.

Sexy Little Angel sizes start at Small (closer to XS by most standards) and work their way down to Petite (really a XXS) and Tiny (the original size Fuentes designed for herself.) The company also will custom make clothes for a rare occurrence in which a customer is extra tiny.

“With all of the body-conscious women and diet and fitness craziness, it is amazing to me that in America, there are all these plus-size stores for those who are big, or overweight, when the ideal for many is to be thin and fit. Yet there is not one brand or store that I could find that caters to those who are perfectionists about their bodies,” Fuentes said.

Fuentes has big ambitions for her clothing line, which she envisions as more of a lifestyle brand.

“I have nothing against women who are overweight, but I can’t shop in their stores. Finally, with Sexy Little Angel, we now have this new exclusive VIP club. Do you want to be a member? Are you a Sexy Little Angel? I am throwing Sexy Little Angel parties where all cute and very petite girls will get together, try on clothes, listen to music and party together. We will take lots of photos and videos, put them online, and create something beyond a clothing line—this will be a lifestyle.”

Fuentes launched Sexy Little Angel at the 2011 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo with a party at Lavo in the Palazzo with an intimate, invite-only fashion show. Fuentes, Rosemary Radeva and a dozen models from the Las Vegas Platinum Agency walked the catwalk. Special friend Jesse Jane also made an appearance.