Lisa Ann, Notre Dame Receiver Justin Brent Take In a Knicks Game

NEW YORK—World-famous MILF Lisa Ann likes 'em young, athletic and legal, and has a very specific method of reeling them in. We know this for a fact because she told us how she does it during a recent in the AVN offices with her collegiate buddy, Belle Knox.

Talking about why she loves being a celebrity, the amazing-looking 42-year-old explained, “I just know that anywhere I want to go, I can go. And anything I want to do, I can do. It’s just crazy. I can see an athlete on TV, follow him on Twitter, and within 48 hours he’s given me his number. … I live for it! It’s like my side hobby. I’m not going to lie. My guilty pleasure is always going to be sex.”

Talk about copping a plea! Lisa Ann not only talks the talk, she walks the walk with a style all her own. Last night, as if to flaunt the fact that time has given her a pass, she took in a pre-season Knicks game with her latest conquest, 18-year-old Notre Dame freshman wide receiver Justin Brent. Oh, yeah. Pics were quickly posted to her .

He's adorable! And so young. Barely legal, in fact. But so cute. Still, what do you want to bet he gets a call from his mother today. (Of course, mom might be more concerned about the fact that, as Yahoo Sports , Brent "hasn’t registered a statistic for the Fighting Irish this season.")

As far as Lisa Ann goes, she's just going to have to keep her NCAA players straight. Last month, as , it was Ohio State tight end Jeff Heuerman. This month, according to the site, "she’s moving up in the Selection Committee Rankings to a top ten team, and a better public forum, after posing with Notre Dame receiver Justin Brent."

Looks like it's only a matter of time until a player from Mississippi State gains new Twitter follower. Keep those eyes peeled, boys!


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