Kitty Foxx Going Home

Over 50 publisher and adult actress , virtually unconscious since suffering an aneurysm in late December and a stroke earlier this month, returns home Jan. 30, where her husband, family, and friends can care for her while hoping for a miracle.

Foxx's husband, Alan Hergett, said the family received a call from the hospital overnight Jan. 27 saying Foxx was "slipping, she's going fast. Well, by God, by the time we got to the hospital, she rallied and was holding her own, even unconscious. The nurses said she looked so young for 61. And she does. She's 61 going on 40."

The family will be assisted caring for Foxx at home by the Nathan Adelson Home Hospice. "We never know what is in our future," said longtime friend Ami Charms, "but this wonderful lady had been so helpful to so many that we don't want her to be forgotten."

Foxx had planned to attend Internext and AVN's Adult Entertainment Expo until she collapsed Dec. 27 after returning home from a grocery store. "The next thing I heard," Charms said, referring to the aftermath of the collapse, "is that her surgery went great, that they put a titanium coil on the hemorrhage and she was actually responding. When people would talk to her, she would squeeze their hands. She even opened her eyes. Then, she had a slight stroke, and then her left side wasn't responding. But she would answer commands and squeeze hands."

Charms said Foxx's feeding tubing was to be moved to a side insertion on Jan. 19, "and I guess she turned for the worse. They ended up doing an EKG and there wasn't any more brain activity. Up until then, it looked like she might actually come out of it."

Hergett said her family, particularly their daughter, is holding onto even the thinnest line of hope. "My daughter is one of those ?eternal hope? people," he said. "And Kitty has her good days and her bad days. And of course my daughter wants to hang on, hang on. And I do, too. But we really, at this point, can't say whether Kitty will live a week or a month or longer."

"We were hopeful," said Charms, who visited with the family January 29. "We were all talking about how in a few months she'd be giving blowjobs out of a wheelchair. It's just sad. We don't know day to day what's next in our future. She was so helpful to so many people. Even to me, and I'm new in this business, and I'm 42. She's a wonderful lady, a classy lady."

Born in rural southern Illinois in 1942, Foxx had been a beautician until 1983, when she became a topless Las Vegas showgirl. She appeared in a nude magazine layout in 1989 and was invited to do an adult film, "and I practically jumped at the chance," as she says on her Website. "I was in nympho heaven. Imagine getting paid to actually fuck all those hung men."

At about the same time, she joined Over 50, becoming its publisher and editor in due course, but she also enjoyed doing adult films, including Kitty Kapers and Aged To Perfection among more than 200 others.

"Kitty was a kind of pioneer," said Hergett of his wife of 39 years. "She just happened to get into the adult business when it became more fashionable for women over 40 to be there. Kitty was just a very strong person. Very willing. Anyhow, she quickly worked her way up."

He said the family is "in a kind of turmoil here," both anticipating Foxx's homecoming and not knowing what will be in any given hour. "We figured she would rather pass away here at home than in a nursing home or hospital," he said. "It happened all so sudden."

If you would like to help with Kitty Foxx's home care, you may send donations to Kitty Foxx, PMB141, 1736 E. Charleston, Las Vegas, NV 89104.