Kink: Testing, Condoms Used in Daily/Aubrey Shoot - UPDATED

LOS ANGELES—In response to a request for comment, has confirmed that the shoot that took place between Rod Daily, who stated today via Twitter that he has for HIV, and transsexual performer Aubrey Kate utilized both testing and condoms.

“It was shot both with condoms and with testing,” spokesperson Michael Stabile told AVN. “Both Aubrey and Rod cleared the PASS test. Aubrey has cleared two subsequent PASS tests.”

Daily stated in a tweet this morning, “My antibodies just showed up on a test this week which is scary because they didn't a week ago.”

Stabile also made clear to AVN that “any shoot [Rod Daily] did with us used condoms, and any TS shoots included testing as well.” also posted a to this afternoon that reiterates what they told AVN. The statement reads in its entirety:

Obviously we are all very sad to hear of Rod Daily's positive HIV test result. It must have taken a lot of courage to publicly announce his result.

In clarification to the questions brought up here:

1) classifies TS shoots as straight shoots, thus requiring PASS tests for all performers. On the TS Seduction shoot of August 1, both Rod and his scene partner in question were marked as available in the PASS system, meaning they had tested negative.

2) Condoms were used in this TS Seduction shoot for all penetrative sex.

3) Aubrey, the TS performer in this shoot, has tested negative again in PASS twice since this time.

4) At, the Gay (I.e. male/male material aimed at a gay male audience) side of the industry is indeed condom-only for all penetrative sex. This requirement does not cover oral which carries a negligible risk for HIV transmission. But as with all Kink shoots, even something like oral is negotiated in advance by the performers. founder Peter Acworth the San Fraccisco Chronicle today, "We can say with some degree of confidence that there was no transmission on set. Rod Daily wore condoms in all his scenes. The strong indication is that Rod contracted it and transmitted it to Cameron Bay."


Aubrey Kate has confirmed with AVN that she shot the Rod Daily August 1 scene with a clean test, and also that she has tested twice since then—on Aug. 16 and Aug. 20—and received a clean panel.

"It is very sad when anyone has to face something as personal as this issue, and having it discussed by many people just adds to the confusion," Kate said. "I did shoot with Rod Daily August 1 and since have tested negative twice. I hope this clears up any rumors or dialogue when my name is mentioned in this unfortunate situation. I value my place in the industry and will continue testing procedures required of me as a professional adult."