Khan Tusion Interview

Regan Starr appears in a controversial scene in Rough Sex 2 from Anabolic Video. Starr, according to the on-screen written statement that proceeds the scene, insisted that she could do the scene, that she said she enjoyed this [rough] sex at home. Rough Sex's director Kay Tusion also informs the audience: "The morning of the shoot I determined that she could not do the scene and informed her of my decision. She insisted that she could. So with great apprehensaion we began the scene. Obviously my judgment was correct."

The scene goes down, as Starr depicts in her recent interview, in a warehouse, with Mickey G. checking out babes as though there were an end of the month clearance sale on naked women in the doggie position. Of the women available, Mickey finds Starr to his liking and proceeds with some rough verbal foreplay. Starr gets yanked by the hair and says that she likes to be hurt. Then, as she says in her interview on, she kills the scene, with the camera recording those aspects of her breaking down and being consoled by Mickey G.

Khan Tusion: "I'm participating in something that I said I would never do, because it's a waste of time, - to use the Internet outlets to further my case or my cause. That's not important to me. I don't have a cause. I just do what I do. If there are other people around who want to discuss it, more power to them. The most troubling thing, and the reason I'm involved, and I don't want to be, is that a slew of baseless and factually incorrect charges have been levelled. My detractors accept this with glee. On the face of it, you have to know that there's something incorrect about what going's on. I'll give you an example - Linda Thoren effectively accused us of raping girls. Regan Starr has galvanized the discussion. But I'll be happy to show you the raw footage. THAT is the entirety of her performance. Nothing has been left out. Would you describe that as Regan Starr getting the shit kicked out of her?"

G. Ross: "She didn't get any shit kicked out of her." [Bearing in mind that Starr asks that the tape be stopped before any shit kicking gets underway.]"

Tusion. "Thank you for very much."

G. Ross: "I intend to mention that fact."

Tusion: "That to me is incredibly encouraging. I appreciate the fact that you did see the tape and that Regan Starr categorically misstates what occured. I think the most important issue is as follows. Under no circumstances in any situation whatsoever at any time will I ask someone to do what they do not want to do or that they find objectionable. In many cases, I do that in the proactive versus the reactive. I ask them are you okay? Are you sure that we can continue on? 'Let's take a break for a minute or two. Is everything fine?' My point is that the girls control the scenes !00%. They have safe words which we employ. And in addition to safe words, I say this each and every time, I say it would be wonderful if you can stay in character so we'll employ a safe word or technique that the discipline is too harsh by using a safe word. Then we'll move to another area. However, at any time, this does not preclude you from saying stop, let's cut the scene; 'I can't do this anymore.' They are encouraged to do so. It's a rough scene. I don't deny that. But it's a legitimate lifestyle of millions and millions of people. There are people in this world that derive enormous gratification from participating in this. And these people exist. Now, these people, and myself are included, are being attacked for what we are. We certainly can't be attacked for the acts because the acts are consensual and we INSIST that the people doing this are completely comfortable with what they're doing. So we're basically being attacked because it looks bad."

[Were, or if there are legitimate accusations of rape or abuse among the female performers, Tusion has this to say.]

Tusion: "I have two responses. Everybody is entitled to any civil remedy that they believe is appropriate. The second thing, is that I would appreciate in the future, if there are any such charges, that we can sit down and view all the raw footage. I would personally never participate in something that is hurtful or harmful. I know this sounds hollow, but this is not my nature. I'm actually a sweet guy. I'm very, very concerned about the girls that I shoot.

"Speak to Scotty Schwartz. Anastasia Blue thought that she could do this. I personally meet all the actresses. I spend time with them and once in awhile I'm fooled by peoples' bonafides. Anastasia had decided that this is something that she liked - rough sex, asphyxiation, that kind of thing. We shot her or attempted to. The scene never got to the point where the cameras started rolling. We were taking still photographs. I said, Anastasia, you need to get on your knees and we're going to take slapping photographs. I'm not sure who the male actor was who was standing over her. I personally spanked her two times. I told her I would. I didn't do it surprisingly. She broke down and went to pieces. Within an instant I said you don't have to do this. This is not for you. Don't even worry about it. She had taken an advance on the scene, and because she was leaving the scene, and was upset about it, she said, 'I want to write you a check.' I said, no, that's not important. Don't worry about it. It's not a lot of money. It was $300. At that time, there never was any influence or coercion. There never was, 'We won't hit you very hard. We won't do that.' The moment it appeared she couldn't participate, we ended it. That was within about a minute.

"For anyone to level a charge that they were doing something that they didn't want to do or couldn't stop, is patently false. That's basically it.

"That's what's wrong with pornography these days. Nobody shoots anything real. The scenes that are shot today, there's no reason to have a girl. You might as well have an animated figure. There's no heart; there's no soul. If you can't capture the essence of the female performer, I don't think it can be erotic. That's why I do it. I want to shoot real."