Khan Tusion Embarks On Midnight Prowl

Director Khan Tusion has returned to directing with Midnight Prowl, which is his first release since Oral Consumption from Anabolic in 2000.

Tusion’s work for his new production company, Pariah Pictures, is being distributed exclusively through JM Productions.

The debut of the series was inspired by the classic Jamie Gillis-directed gonzo release On The Prowl (Vivid) where Gillis trawled the streets of San Francisco looking for guys to fuck porn stars in the back of his limo. Tusion went for the guys in SoCal porn shops in his release.

On The Prowl was without a doubt an incredible piece of pornography and it was a favorite piece of my own jerk off experiences,” Tusion told “Mike [Sullivan, Pariah Pictures co-founder] and I had endeavored to start a company producing pornography at some level, and I had talked to Mike about The Prowl, and we thought that we could undertake it.

"…It’s so easy to say what I do is terrible, and the reason is, I think, that we do different things. One of the things is the sex industry believes you shouldn’t have sex with strangers, because it’s not straight but we know that these girls are flipping trips all day long, and they’re having sex with strangers all the time. They’re going into bars, and they’re getting drunk, and they’re getting drunk, and they’re picking up good-looking guys and then boning those guys, so it was not a big deal.

Tusion continued, "We shot it with some parameters, limiting the opportunity of sexually transmitted diseases, like no sex without a condom, for starters. If they’re doing blowjobs, they’re taking money shots not inside the mouth but there were things that did happen during the Prowl, inadvertent things, like a girl choosing to take 10 loads in her mouth. It happened.

"As in all my movies, there appeared to be a lot of butt licking with guys that you wouldn’t normally, lick their butts. So everybody had a bit of a heart attack, but it produced tremendously compelling pornography, and it continues to be so.”

He added, “We’re exploring real sexuality and we’re exploring it both from the female perspective and from the male perspective. It’s an honest interaction, and you don’t see any honest interaction in porno. It doesn’t exist. Exactly right and we’re getting the handicapped and the old and the midgets and the freaks laid, and they’re very grateful for it and the girls are very glad to help."

The first volume of Midnight Prowl features Kayla Marie, Ariana Jollee, Lisa Marie, and Soma.

Pariah Pictures has three series launching this year, Midnight Prowl, Meatholes and Frank Wank.

“Frank Wank, which is a porno agent caricature, which I believe will turn Frank Wank into a cult hero. By the way, I say this with an enormous amount of fear and future jealousy. I believe that Frank Wank is going to crossover into the pop culture,” Tusion said.

Of his previous reputation, Tusion said, “I think [some retailers] were scared off by the Boogeyman label that was attributed to me — not by the retailers, but by the people in Porno Valley. Porno Valley labeled me a pariah, and that permeated to the retail. AVN didn’t help but the fact of the matter is, if you look at the physicality of the pornography that I shoot, it’s no different than anybody else. It’s not difference from Zero Tolerance or Anabolic. It’s no different than, certain Max Hardcore movies. Yeah, it troubles everyone so much that there is this undercurrent, this whispering campaign about how this is terrible stuff. It’s not terrible stuff. It’s dramatic and it’s compelling and it’s disturbing. … I’m 100 percent comfortable standing up in a court and defending the validity of this as an art form.”

Midnight Prowl is available now. For more on the series and Pariah Pictures, visit .