Kevin Moore Offers 'I Blackmailed My Babysitter's Ass'

LOS ANGELES—Evil Angel director Kevin Moore definitely has a flair for one of porn’s most popular genres, as evidenced by his recent forays into “taboo relations” erotica. His latest exploration, coming September 19 on DVD and VOD from Evil Angel, is I Blackmailed My Babysitter’s Ass.

“The title is to the point — babysitters being blackmailed for anal sex by the men they work for,” states Moore. In each of four scenes, a flirty tramp surrenders all three orifices to an opportunistic older man of the house.

Alexandra Kelley, Evil Angel’s vice president of sales and marketing, notes that titles like I Blackmailed My Babysitter’s Ass are hot in the marketplace. She says, “Fans aroused by ‘forbidden love,’ ‘taboo relations’ and ‘blackmailed’ content like to fantasize on the ‘What if?’” Controversial “What if?” questions get provocative answers in the trailer at .

Moore cast four petite cuties — Kristina Rose, Marley Brinx, Holly Hendrix and Alexa Nova — to portray his babysitters as spirited ingénues engaged in sexually charged power-exchange manipulations.

Veteran porn actor Steven St. Croix brings a truly creepy presence to his scene with Brinx. As a traveling businessman, he overhears his babysitter’s plans for an anal sex date in his home. “Marley plays sweet and innocent,” explains Moore, “but Steven finds out what she is really like: a conniving slut. He cancels his trip, confronts Marley and takes advantage of her.” The old man teaches her things college boys can’t, and Brinx follows directions obediently.

Charles Dera finds Hendrix’s skimpy outfit awfully risqué for a babysitting job — she bends over, flashing panty-less, shaved-bald temptations. “While the man of the house is away, Holly is making extra money as a webcam model,” reveals Moore. “Charles catches her in the act on his laptop and blackmails her ass for the entire Internet to see.” At one point the boss tells his wayward employee, “Your mouth is like a lube dispenser.”

Philandering Mr. Pete’s wife despises Nova because the trim, young babysitter is such a slutty flirt. “Before Pete leaves to meet his wife, Alexa starts flashing the baby monitor, knowing Pete will see it,” says Moore. “He confronts Alexa over her advances, pushing her boundaries.” Nova and Pete confirm the wife’s fears with an anal affair.

Then there’s Brad Knight’s nasty scene with Rose. According to Moore, “Kristina is the new babysitter for Brad’s little brother. She finds his bad attitude attractive and peeps on him in the shower. Once busted, she tries to shift the focus, but Brad isn’t taking it.” He spanks her hot ass hard and sodomizes her to orgasmic howling.

With I Blackmailed My Babysitter’s Ass, director Moore embraces porn’s tradition of allowing viewers to peek into unabashed fantasies they can’t enact in polite society.

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Pictured above: Kristina Rose and Marley Brinx in I Blackmailed My Babysitter's Ass (Kevin Moore/Evil Angel)