Kelly Madison Media Teases 1st Feature, 'Altar of Aphrodite'

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Kelly Madison Media delves for the very first time into the realm of the full-fledged feature with The Altar of Aphrodite, whose trailer is now available to whet fans' appetites.

Starring Angela White, along with Ryan Ryder, Chanel Preston, Aiden Starr, Chad White, Flash Brown and Codey Steele, the movie is a major departure for the studio, not only by way of tackling scripted feature territory, but in that owners Kelly and Ryan Madison both chose to remain behind the scenes for this go-round.

According to promotional materials, Altar of Aphrodite casts White as "a disgraced journalist turned conspiracy blogger who enlists the help of P.I. Ryan Ryder to infiltrate an underground sex cult that targets sexually repressed men and women with the false promise of sexual liberation. When Angela's friend (Chanel Preston) winds up missing, she races against the clock to try to bring her back and is faced with the moral conflicts of going undercover."

"I was very excited to be chosen as the lead for [Kelly Madison Media]'s first feature film," White told AVN. "The Altar of Aphrodite is the darkest themed movie I have appeared in to date, and it certainly touches on some ethical and moral questions about the quest for sexual liberation.

"It was interesting to play a character who is both excited and terrified to discover her sexual desires," she continued. "I think most people can relate to those ambivalent feelings, during sexual development even a first kiss can be both exciting and terrifying. This film delves deeper into those uncertain emotions in the sexual realm."

Altar of Aphrodite ships June 19 from Juicy Entertainment. See the trailer .