Justin Slayer International: Still Standing Strong

LOS ANGELES—The rumor mill surrounding the state of Justin Slayer International has been churning in recent weeks. Variations of the gossip item that JSI had gone out of business were circulating, so Slayer himself sought to set the record straight—JSI is still in business and fully functioning.

What JSI has done though is reshuffle its corporate structure and distribution model. A few of the directors whose movies the company distributed are no longer in the fold, a move Slayer had been planning for and anticipating. Sandee Johnson, aka Careena Collins, resigned from her position as of Oct. 12, 2011 and is no longer the company’s general manager.

All sales inquiries should be directed to Ms. Lucy at the studio’s new, more modern and spacious location located at 9555 Owensmouth Avenue, Unit #3, Chatsworth, CA 91311, or call (818) 349-7707, or email [email protected].

“The record needed to be straightened out because I’ve been hearing all these things about us being out of business and all that, and let me tell you, it’s not true at all,” Slayer told AVN. “I gave some people the opportunity to own their own products and compete in the marketplace with a powerful brand behind them. I distributed other people’s products.”

This business model was fashioned after that of Evil Angel, Slayer explained, which distributed his movies before he broke off and formed JSI.

“All the directors owned their product and as time progressed I gave them more creative control, yet with the downturn in the marketplace, piracy, tube sites and other factors—their product sales declined,” Slayer said. “However, like in any business when you’re trying to sell a high-priced product and the quality isn’t there, you’re going to lose sales. So we increased quility and modified the business model.”

That said, Slayer is quick to praise his former directors, attributing their departures to divergent paths moving forward. Some of them, Slayer felt, were moving in a different artistic direction.

“Whatever they decided to do as individuals or a group, was fine with me; I can’t take anything away from anyone,” he said. “Me and HJ worked with some directors every step of the way. The majority never had the opportunity to direct a movie. A couple were fans, and not even in the adult industry prior to meeting us. We put them on a big stage! I feel like I helped the underdogs, little guys, and they made it. I’m proud of them.”

With all operational moves squarely in place, the company has been releasing new product. Slayer’s last release that he directed was Booty I Like 7, starring cover girl Esperanza Gomez. And Big Booty White Girlz 6 has a street date of Jan. 13. The movie features Bridgette B., Devon Lee, Austin Taylor and Julie Cash.

Other directors still in the fold at JSI include HJ of Nevaquit Productions, Marie Luv of Luv Land Productions, Draco and newcomer Chino Lee.

"Look for HJ and Marie Luv to diversify their product offering; HJ in particular recently returned from Africa and plans to expand his brand in new and exciting ways,” Slayer said.

Going forward, JSI will diversify its product offering by creating/distributing mainstream content and hard goods while also renewing its efforts to release its award-winning and critically acclaimed series like Big Booty White Girls, Phatty Girls and Mami Culo Grande. Slayer even hinted at a Black Pipe Layers reunion.

“I guess to sum it all up, in bold capital letters ‘We are far from out of business!'” Slayer said. “We have new content, new graphics, a new logo, updated website and new energy. It’s gonna be hot. We’re cookin’!”

Pictured above: Justin Slayer with Juelz Ventura.