Jodi West, Forbidden Fruits Films Offering Members Roku Channel Upgrade

LOS ANGELES—Jodi West, founder of Forbidden Fruits Films, announced the launch of an updated Roku Channel, powered by Adult Empire Cash.

The Forbidden Fruits Films Roku channel uses high-resolution photography and a modern layout to showcase their feature films and the entire library of Jodi West clips.

“Roku and smart TV applications are how people consume a great deal of content today,” said West. “The days of linear broadcasting are fading, and the updated video-on-demand flexibility of an Apple TV, Netflix or Amazon Prime are becoming the norm. We want our fans to be able to watch our videos and clips not just on PCs, tablets or smartphones, but also on their big-screen TVs right in their living rooms and bedrooms! This is how people want their content.”

The private channel incorporates big, beautiful photography and an easy-to-use navigation for an ideal viewing experience on today’s modern HD television screens. Access to the Forbidden Fruits Films Roku channel is included in your membership package at no additional cost.

“We have advanced Roku development at Adult Empire to a level of style and performance to compete with any of the top-tier mainstream channels,” said lead Roku developer Jason Dixon. “Our development team is always incorporating the latest Roku advancements into our applications to give the best user experience possible.” Daniel Chura, Director of Affiliates at, added, “We believe that long-time and new Jodi West fans are going to love the new Roku experience. This upgrade is the first step in enhancing our Roku platform. Look for new versions of all our channels in the coming months.”

Adult Empire was an early adopter on the Roku platform and now boasts a lineup of seven channels, with three new channels slated for launch before June.

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