Jewel De'Nyle and De'Bella: Together Again

LAS VEGAS - As Paul Simon once sang, the mother and child reunion is only a motion away. After an ugly public feud, performer Jewel De'Nyle has patched up her relationship with her mother, performer-turned-agent De'Bella. AVN caught up with the dynamic duo at the 2008 Adult Entertainment Expo, where De'Nyle is promoting her new company Platinum Jewel at the Wicked Pictures booth.

"My mom decided to leave my former company, which was the biggest part of us reconciling our relationship," Jewel told AVN. "I felt she was being promoted in a way that went against everything that I had worked for in this industry, which was a positive image of the women in this industry."

"I don’t blame her for that,” said De’Bella. “I was new at being talent, I was 49 going on 50 when I did my first scene, and I thought I had to do certain things to promote my career that I am not proud of; since then, I’ve cleaned up my act. I feel liberated; for once in my life, I feel great. I’ve started an agency called Generation XXX. I have 16 girls and 3 guys, and things are going real well."

Jewel is among the female talent listed on the - but De'Bella told AVN she is not representing her daughter for sex work. "I don’t promote any sex scenes or anything like that [for De'Nyle]; just radio and TV appearances and any mainstream appearances," she said.

Meanwhile, De'Nyle has secured a deal for her Platinum Jewel line through Sinsation Pictures, which is distributed by Wicked Pictures.

"It's going really well," said Jewel. "I have my first appearance in four years in a movie called The Notorious Jewel De'Nyle and Shelly Martinez. It's a Bettie Page parody type movie. I do a solo masturbation in it with a sword, hardcore Jewel De'Nyle style. It's all from my imagination, so no one will be disappointed, to say the least."

Both De'Nyle and De'Bella were all smiles as they posed for their first photo together. Both mother and daughter appeared to have finally put the bad blood behind them as they answered questions about their reconciliation.

"If you're going to be a whore, don't be lazy," said Jewel.

De'Bella replied: "I was never lazy!"