Jessica Drake Studies Kama Sutra in 'Wicked Sex' Series

This article originally ran in the September 2016 issue of AVN magazine. to see the digital edition.

LOS ANGELES—Wicked Pictures contract star Jessica Drake has covered a wide array of topics in her Guide to Wicked Sex series of educational DVDs, from such basics as foreplay, strip tease and oral pleasure to edgier topics like BDSM and anal play for men. For her next installment she’s tackled a subject with historical resonance and multicultural depth: the Kama Sutra, the Hindu text devoted to the pleasures of the flesh, written sometime between 400 BCE and 200 CE.

“I don’t want to say my absolute favorite because it’s hard to choose a favorite,” Drake said, but she is nonetheless exceedingly pleased with this addition in the Wicked Sex line, especially in regard to the demonstrations. “I would say it’s so, so strong. I did a modern positions of the Kama Sutra—it was awesome.”

For one thing, she was particularly satisfied with the performers. “I got Mickey Mod,” Drake crowed. “I wanted to work with him for a really long time but he doesn’t live in L.A. He’s busy and he travels and I was really fortunate.”

Performing with Mod is Kali Karinena. “She was fairly new to me as well,” Drake said. “I had seen her on Twitter. I do a lot of casting to try to find people that maybe aren’t so well known in the industry, you know, and I start by choosing women and then I start asking them who have you always wanted to work with or who do you have really great chemistry with.”

Other cast members are Damon Dice, Chanell Heart, Ryan McLane and Jay Taylor.

“All of my couples were really on purpose, which makes for a more passionate, intimate day. They’re with me all day long, so we do the interviews and the demonstrations and then we do stills,” Drake explained. “This is the only educational I’ve ever shot where during the demonstrations no one wanted to leave the room. Everybody was watching everybody else; I had a pile of naked people in the corner petting each other—everybody was so into it.”

As with all her Wicked Sex projects, Drake came to the shoot well prepared. “I felt especially motivated by Kama Sutra. So I started doing my research just like I do before I write. It was just such a cool thing and I was so fascinated by it,” she said. “I incorporated a breathing exercise in Kama Sutra that hypnotized the entire crew. It was awesome. I finished doing it and I looked around the room ... they were nodding off and everyone in the room was breathing in sync.”

Drake explained that during the demonstrations she would show the performers pictures of the Kama Sutra positions and then read her narration out loud so they could act out what she was describing. “The positions, some of them, are very complicated,” she said. To heighten the sensuality of the scenes, she “had candles going everywhere and essential oils everywhere, and I think doing all that stuff put everyone in the mood. ... I got some great stuff.”

Wicked’s Brad Armstrong pitched in the project too, she pointed out. “Brad built my set for the demonstrations, and it’s gorgeous. Most of the demonstrations happen on the floor so he made a harem-style set that is very low to the ground. It was really cool. And then we talked about incorporating all the senses into sex and foreplay, and I had trays of food and chocolate and glasses of fake sparkling champagne. ... It was good. Everybody loved it. It felt decadent. That whole time we were up in the room doing the demonstrations really didn’t feel like work!”

The final product, Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Kama Sutra, will street September 14. “I’m just so excited to bring it out,” the director said. “I have my favorites in the line—like BDSM, Plus Size, Anal Play for Men and Female Masturbation are probably my favorites. I think this is one of the strongest ones in the line.”

Pictured above: Kali Karinena, Mickey Mod and Chanell Heart. Click here to see more stills from Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked Sex: Kama Sutra (Wicked Pictures)