Jenna Haze, Aurora Snow Featured in <i>Superbad</i> Bonus Scene

LOS ANGELES – Sony Pictures' new unrated DVD of the hit comedy Superbad includes a bonus scene featuring porn starlets Jenna Haze and Aurora Snow.

“It's called the Vagtastic Voyage, and I had so much fun shooting it,” said Haze. “What makes it even better is that the movie is hilarious. I went to the premiere back in August and the entire cast of the movie was very friendly and really funny in person. It was definitely an awesome experience!"

The bonus scene features Haze and Snow billed as the 'Vagtastic girls'.

"We shot about 30 minutes of improv," Haze wrote on her MySpace blog. "But they cut it down [in the theatrical release] to two seconds of me spanking a guy, making him lick my boot and us saying 'That's Vagtastic!'"

Superbad is in stores now.