Interview: The Irrepressible Katie Morgan

This article originally ran in the January 2016 issue of AVN magazine. for the digital edition.

Anybody who has a passing acquaintance with porn has heard of Katie Morgan—as much for what she accomplished after she left the industry as the time she spent as a bona fide adult star. Morgan spent seven years in porn in the early 21st century, followed by another seven years as mainstream’s go-to industry expert. But search the Internet Movie Database ( for “Katie Morgan” and ... lotsa luck; she's not there.

Actually, she is there, but you have to go to Zack and Miri Make a Porno, the popular Kevin Smith movie, and scroll down the cast list to find her. If you click on her name (followed by the Roman numeral II), it does take you to her IMDB page—but that's the only way you'll find it. And even then, that database doesn't bother to list her myriad HBO appearances: A Real Sex Xtra: Pornucopia – Going Down in the Valley; Katie Morgan on Sex Toys; Katie Morgan: Porn 101; Katie Morgan's Sex Tips: Questions, Anyone?; or even her HBO documentary, Katie Morgan: A Porn Star Revealed! (Fortunately, Wikipedia has them all.) IMDB does mention her stint on Entourage, but not her call-in talk show on Logo TV, That Sex Show, from 2013, nor her three-year stint as hostess of Having Sex, With Katie Morgan on Kevin Smith's network, nor her co-hosting position with Wankus on The Wanker Show on KSEX radio.

Think of her as the Zelig of softcore porn.

But when we caught up to the bubbly blonde—and we do mean bubbly; there's at least one giggle in every other sentence that comes out of her mouth—she'd only recently signed with Nexxxt Level Talent Agency, in part because Back In The Day, she'd shot movies with one of the agency's principals, director Jonathan Morgan (Space Nuts).

"I've been back like six, eight weeks," Katie reported in late October. "I want to say I've done about 10 scenes in that time. They're coming pretty quick, but I'm always traveling in between to dance. I just got back from Florida and Columbus, Ohio, and San Diego—I think I've had three or four dance gigs since I've been back in porn. I've been so busy."

And considering that adult actresses generally make more featuring at strip clubs than they do making movies, we were curious as to why she returned to hardcore.

"Honestly, I just missed it," she almost sighed, "and I thought 'I can do that again,' and it turns out, I can! So surprise! It's like that debate: Can you do it one more time, or do you stay gone? But I was like, 'No, I really, really want to,' and then, I miss having too much fun, way too much fun. It feels like college all over again, but sex college.

"I still sell my old videos in between sets at the clubs," she added. "That was literally one of the factors in my saying, 'Come on, I should do this again': because I'm still selling those movies, and I'll get back to a club like five years later, and they're like, 'Oh, we got that one last time,' so I'm like, 'Oops, I need new movies.' But I still sell some of my favorite ones."

And those "favorite ones" would be ...?

"Well, there's Key Party (Vivid). That was my first really, really big, big feature that we did. I think it was actually on film back in the day. I want to say that was like 2004; it was before the first boobs, but still one of my all-time favorites as far as experiences. PT directed it; it was one of those awesome ones where I had like 18, 20 hour days."

She's also proud of 2006's God's Will (officially Black Label 41: God's Will) from Private—“That one was also really fun. I was God and Steven St. Croix was the Devil, and we got to fuck. It was hot.”—and Sex Across America 12 from Luc Wylder and Alexandra Silk's company Fallen Angel: "That was so much fun! Anytime we went away and did a trip with other people, it's so much fun."

We asked how she got into porn in the first place, and it turns out that she had the same attorney as retired star Lola, and she peeked at the attorney's address book to find the number for World Modeling—and the rest is history.

In all, Katie's appeared in nearly 230 original features—and now that she's back, she's happy to find that some of her favorite male talent are still working.

"I'm lucky that two out of three of my favorites are still active or active again: Evan Stone and Steven St. Croix," she ticked off. "Randy Spears was always my other one of the top three, but he's a generation past. I still talk to him, but I feel like I'm never going to fuck him on film again. New guys, there's some great new guys. Danny Mountain was awesome; Small Hands was freakin' amazing. Chad White, ohmigod, that man has a gigantic penis, and it was a really great scene we did. But I'm making all kinds of new friends. I get along with most everyone."

The giggling definitely helps.

Katie revealed that she hasn't seen any of her new features yet, but she's pretty sure they're going to be winners.

"I worked with Lex and he's great," she declared. "He has a giant penis and he put it in me. It was pretty straight up, but campy. I was like, 'Show me your couch,' and we went and looked at his couch. It was pretty straightforward but it was fun. And I don't know any of the titles because they aren't out yet—I usually find out the title when I read the review in AVN and go, ‘Oh, there's my name’—but just today, I played a busty cop, and I had that down; that was totally believable: 'Hey, you're under arrest!' That was for Elegant Angel. And I've done stuff for Naughty America and Brazzers, Penthouse a couple of things, but I don't know what the titles are. I like shooting for Penthouse because they're so much more my style of sex, with the 'Let's make out and eat your pussy for like 20 minutes and then fuck.'

"There was a really fun one I just did for Hustler. It was Republican Wife Swap; I'm so excited! It's a spoof of the Republican debates. It was friggin' hysterical! I played Megyn Kelly, the moderator. It was awesome, so much fun; I can't wait to see that one."

Of course, living in Las Vegas does make for a lengthy commute, but she's up for it.

"I so rarely work in Vegas because I live there, so I fly other places and I drive to L.A. for work; it's fun," she said. "I prefer driving to flying. If I have my choice, I'd rather pilot my own vehicle."

But considering that one of her future destinations is Europe, where her "dream scene" will undoubtedly one day be shot, she'd better get comfy with air travel.

"Shooting anywhere in Europe would be fabulous!" she exclaimed. "These things happen. I was recently told I should get my passport re-upped. I'm thinking positive and knocking wood. There was some discussion of something that might be coming up, but it's always been my dream. I've always wanted to do that. It's so old school; they were doing that like in the ’70s and ’80s, back in the day with the big ‘Let's go make a real movie, only we'll have sex in it.’”

And what country would that be shot in?

"France!" she twittered. "Let's go to the south of France and fuck all over the beaches—or Greece or Spain; I'm not picky. I really like beaches in Europe. I've gone topless there."

And what does Katie do with her down time—aside from spending quality time with her husband, of course?

"I'm a degenerate gambler. I did move to Vegas for a reason. It's only fun if you're losing. I like poker but it's so much work. It's embarrassing. I win the most at Keno; I love Keno and Bingo. I like Bingo with the old ladies; it's so much fun. I'll catch up with them eventually; I'll be old someday and I'm sure I'll still like Bingo."

Anything else?

"I have a little bit of a zoo in Vegas," she admitted. "Lots of dogs, lots of cats, 13 turtles, some frogs, a ferret, a parrot, some sugar gliders, a wallaby. They're not really rescued so much as acquired over the years. Well, some are rescued; some actually just showed up on my front porch. Some were gifts. The wallaby, I bought myself because I went to the pet store for a turtle and came home with a wallaby because they're so cute, but it turns out I'm desperately allergic to him, but he gets along well with my husband. I was not allergic to him when he was little, but when he became mature and musky, I was suddenly all ‘I can't breathe around him.’ But it's okay; I just don't smell the wallaby; I'll be fine. He just can't come in my bedroom anymore."

But we have no doubts that there are plenty of fans who’d love for Katie to come into their bedrooms!

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