Innerview: Gina Mond

PALM BEACH, Fla. - Gina Mond is a one-of-a-kind porn star, a gorgeous, highly sexual screen presence who has only made two movies so far, both for the man she’s married to.

In Sinema, released in June by Club Jenna, she’s a human chameleon, changing hairstyle, makeup and partners in every scene. One thing that doesn’t change is the deep, dazzling blue of her eyes, which fix on the viewer arousingly.

All the changes are beautifully photographed by her husband Philip Mond, the European director who created the art-porn milestone Zazel a decade ago. Gina is 5-foot-6, 100 pounds, with a more than ample 34DD chest. Her MySpace profile lists her age as 27. Her first porn appearance was in Mond’s Insexts, released last year.

She works exclusively for PGP Productions, the company Philip and Gina own with a third partner (the other “P”), who “takes care of all the legal work.” Club Jenna/Vivid Entertainment/Pulse is their distributor.

The Monds have been married for two years. Philip hails from Holland, Gina’s a native of the “Jersey-New York area” — something that’s clear from her pungent New Jersey accent. (She would have sounded right at home in the cast of “The Sopranos.”)

“We actually met about seven years ago, through a mutual friend,” she told AVN in a phone interview from her home in Palm Beach. “We didn’t really like each other at first. Then after a couple of years, we met again, and I guess we fell in love. All together, we’ve been together for four years.”

Gina is not only Philip’s wife and muse, she’s his full creative partner.

“We work together very well. Just the two of us. We like to do everything on our own. You have more control over your product that way, she explained.”

In Sinema, Gina appears in every scene, with a variety of partners, male and female. “I usually do multiple scenes, but I change all the time,” she said. “The first scene I have long blond hair, another scene I have a different style. Then another scene I’m bald. I shaved my head. It’s growing out now.”

Perhaps her most memorable partner in Sinema is a 200-lb. python. “It was quite an experience, ’cause I have the biggest snake fright. It was very, very difficult to do, but when you have to do something you just lose all your fear and concentrate on making the product work,” she said.

Sexually, she covers all the bases, from slurpy blowjobs to slamming d.p.s. She said, “I like to do things I would like to watch. That’s what I go for.”

Mond is renowned for his striking visuals (he won AVN’s Best Cinematography, 1997, for Zazel). He also creates the costumes, leaving the often fanciful makeup to Gina. They build sets together, shooting all their scenes in Palm Beach or Miami.

The other talent, female and male, is flown in from California. In Sinema, these include Chloe Dior, Jean Val Jean and Johnny Castle.

The Monds are at work on two new movies, Pandemondium and Heroine. Several scenes for each have been shot, with Gina once again front and center. They also feature her original music — it seems she’s a skilled pianist as well as a beauty.

The new projects, Gina said, have “a very unique story to them,” unlike Sinema, which is all sex. “Pandemondium is very much mainstream porn, something that has never been done. We have a shootout scene, we have a lot of acting in it.” It’s a crime saga, co-starring Gina and Val Jean, playing a "deranged gangster."

She recently she did some feature dance appearances before deciding that they were “not my favorite thing.” She prefers to focus her energies on her high-end porn collaborations with Philip.

Gina’s ultimate goal is to “just create a beautiful product. I like to watch hardcore sex, but it’s never done in a nice way. It’s always with not-so-pretty people, in a backyard or a hotel room, not very appealing. I want to combine an artistic vision with hardcore sex.”

"Living with Philip Mond, the Rembrandt of porn, made me see and feel things I never even dreamed of," she said.

Her only print modeling, a layout in Penthouse, December 2005, shot by Mond, can be sampled at . She can also be contacted at .