<i>Playboy's Hottest Housewives</i> Coming Out

When Playboy magazine issued the call for submissions to participate in its "Real-life Desperate Housewives" pictorial in May, the response was overwhelming. Nearly 1,000 domestic women ranging in age from 18 to 60 years old, submitted their photos and Playboy selected the best 12 to appear in print.

Some were married, some divorced, some were single, but they all had children - and a mature sensuality that is anything but desperate. On Sept. 20, 2005, Playboy Home Entertainment will release Playboy's Hottest Housewives on DVD, providing live-action proof that homemaking does a body good.

The DVD features footage of the individual Playboy photo shoots for all 12 of the housewives featured in the pictorial, as well as two unpublished bonus Housewife photo shoots, behind-the-scenes video of the Playboy cover shoot and a nude photo gallery.

Featured in Playboy's Hottest Housewives are: Sondra Holloway (31, Michigan), Wendy Drinkwater (31, Rhode Island), Tamara Martinez (31, California), Tami Paz (35, Arizona), Heidi Hanson (24, North Carolina), Christina Bazan (34, California), Anji Yangas (25, Illinois), Laura Grillo (25, Pennsylvania), Kathy Sander (37, Iowa), Loree Bischoff (43, Arizona), Michelle Baena (32, California) and Angie Marton (24, Arizona).

The video is presented in both 16x9 anamorphic widescreen and full screen aspect ratios and is distributed exclusively by Image Entertainment.