Announces Official Launch, Major Site Acquisitions

is the newest entry into the affiliate program game, announcing its grand opening today. The program isn’t the typical out-of-the-box affiliate offering, though.

Hundies launched with four new exclusive-content sites and six recently acquired sites, four of which come from The new sites are , , , and .

The largest of the company’s acquisitions are the sites that formerly composed the affiliate program at, namely , , , and . All formerly revshare sites, they now also offer per-sign-up payouts.

Former webmaster affiliates of were converted automatically to the Hundies webmaster program. They can view their stats by going to and following the instructions.

Hundies also has acquired and . The latter formerly was under the ProjectRevenue banner. Both are now available with per-sign-up payout options.

“It’s a very exciting day for us here at,” says JerseyPuma, director of operations. “This program is something we have spent countless hours of time and money developing, and to see it finally open and see webmasters excited about it is the most gratifying thing in the world. Our goal is to make webmasters the most amount of money by promoting our sites, and we plan on achieving it.”

Hundies pays $35 per sign-up and offers several promotional tools. The program also offers a 60-percent revshare.