Houston and Brad

Even as Houston was on Howard Stern Wednesday morning discussing her labia and her on again, off again relationship with a 19 year-old named Brad Parascandolo, the Staten Island Advance was running a story about their relationship. Writes The Advance: "The prom boy and the porn star were supposed to be a one-night stand last June, when bad-boy talk radio star Howard Stern confounded the city's Board of Education and hooked them up for the Tottenville High School senior prom."

Evidently it's become more than that, at least a two-nighter

"Their sensational high school swan song has evolved into an enduring relationship of 14 months that, among other developments, saw Parascandolo bolt to his prom queen's home in Los Angeles two months ago. In fact, it's been rumored that wedding bells may ring for the notorious 'odd couple.'

"It was a joke at the time, a big prank. But we fell in love," Parascandolo is telling the press, adding that Stern didn't know the whole of it.

Verna Lauria, director of pupil personnel services for the high school superintendent's office, was one of the major critics of the publicity stunt but now applauds the staying power of the relationship. "We can be wrong, I guess. Congratulations to them, and am I invited to the wedding?" she said.

Parascandolo, meanwhile is acknowledging that the couple has been dating "exclusively" [did he know about Kevin Blatt?] since last March and that he took up residence with Houston for about a month in June after his college classes ended. But he said he returned home on Independence Day and hasn't spoken to Houston for about a month.

"I went to L.A. but I didn't have such a great plan," he said. "We didn't really break up. We thought we needed some time apart."

Parascandolo said the couple's age difference is irrelevant. "It keeps us going, brings us closer. We don't want to fail because of an age difference," he said adding that he and Houston have talked about long-term commitments. "I would love to be able to support her," he said.

Parascandolo is currently a full-time student at the College of Staten Island. He says he's dabbled in acting [translation: watch him work his way into the adult business] and currently works part-time as a model for a new line of clothing, Avant-Guard. However, Parascandolo tells The Advance he's decided to bank on a college degree in computer science.

"I love acting. I will continue to go for auditions and movie roles, but that's not going to pay the bills," he says. "I'm going to go to school, use my skills and make my money. It's stupid not to use my talent." [Translation: watch him work his way into the adult business.]

Parascandolo, according to The Advance, has already sold the rights to his life story to the producer of CBS-TV's "Survivor," and believes a production by New Line Cinema is in the works. A book deal is also imminent, according to him. According to Parascandolo he's been invited to play himself if and when the biopic goes before the cameras but is undecided about it claiming he doesn't want to be "typecast". He said he likes New York, but loves L.A. "I was really busy there, looking for jobs, enjoying California. It's more relaxed. On Staten Island, what is there to do but sit on somebody's stoop and talk all night?" [Translation: watch him work his way into the adult business.]

Parascandolo said he's probably heading back west in January, with another semester under his belt and goes to Las Vegas in August for a men's clothing convention which will coincide with the Exotic Dancers Convention that Houston plans to attend. About Houston, Parascandolo tells The Advance: ""She's very warm and caring, And she's very intelligent, which I love. Everyone thinks of a porn star as stupid and dumb. But she amazes me every day with her intelligence. Also, she's funny and silly -- like me."