Hotwifing Goes Amateur with Homegrown Video’s ‘Hotwives 1’

LOS ANGELES—Hotwifing may be the hottest trend in porn, but for , it’s more: It is the niche that helped make Homegrown Video the longest running series in the history of porn. The release of new series Hotwives shows how Homegrown Video is ahead of its time when it comes to understanding and catering to fans of hotwifing.

Hotwives features real-life wives having sex with other men, which arouses their own husbands. Volume 1 of the series will begin shipping on DVD May 15 through distributor .

“This new all-amateur series features real hotwives—married women who have sex with other men with their husbands’ approval. It’s a fantasy come true for all three parties involved,” said owner . “There is no jealousy or shame in a hotwife relationship like with cuckolding. It is based on openness and trust. As a husband, you take pride in knowing your wife is wanted by other men.”

Hotwifing has recently grown in popularity as a porn genre due to its sex-positive theme. Unlike cuckolding, which focuses on the humiliation of the husband, hotwifing is a consensual act bringing pleasure to all parties involved.

“This is an extremely difficult phenomena to document, as couples are very private about this matter,” explained Timlake. “We took great pains to film what happens from start to finish during an instance of hotwifing.”

Hotwives 1 opens with sexy Jordyn, who is in an open relationship with her husband of 10 years. So when she has a date with JB Rodeo, her husband agrees to stay home with the kids.

The second relationship features hot wife Mona, who loves her husband Scott. She also loves sex with men she meets on, like Joe. Scott steps out while Mona takes time to meet her new lover. The scene was the first meeting ever between Mona and Joe, as well as Joe’s first time on camera. His nervousness and excitement at having sex on camera with a gorgeous cougar is perfectly captured in Hotwives 1.

A bonus scene features sexy Kelly B, who finds her plumbing bill is going to be more than she can pay. So when her plumber (David Strongwood) makes a sexy counter offer, Kelly gets a mouthful of plumber down her throat, and he gets a taste of her juices.

“The great thing about this series is that they’re all real couples; real hot wives having great sex and real orgasms with other men on video,” added Timlake. “Fans love the spontaneity, the nervousness, the emotion that comes out from our amateurs when they’re having mind-blowing orgasms and this series is all about that! We love our hot wives!”

For more than 30 years, Homegrown Video has been the go-to place for unique all-amateur adult videos recorded by real couples. The company has grown its brand with a variety of amateur adult content and special interest videos, and has earned multiple awards over the years.

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