Girlfriends Films Signs Mindi Mink to Exclusive Contract

VALENCIA, Calif.—Big news just in from : The lesbian adult entertainment studio has signed newcomer to an exclusive contract. Mink is a MILF webcam performer who only recently began to appear in girl/girl adult entertainment scenes—and solely for Girlfriends Films.

At age 45, she's well positioned for many of the studio's most popular series. Her first scenes will appear in Lesbian Seductions 48, releasing Oct. 3, and Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 35, releasing Oct. 17.

“While we haven’t been actively looking for another contract performer, Mindi’s performances are off the charts,” explained Girlfriends Films founder Dan O’Connell. “She has a natural understanding and talent for the kind of sexuality and hot sex which makes lesbian fans go crazy. She’s excelled at everything that goes into making us the top girl/girl line—she can act and seduce, be kinky, sensual, and sweet, as well as kiss superbly … everything!”

After building a fan base camming, Mink decided to take the leap to adult movies—so naturally she headed to the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in January 2014 to brave the crowds at the annual event. While at the porn aficionado’s equivalent of Mecca, Mink found herself in front of Girlfriends Films’ booth.

Six months later, Mink came to Los Angeles to film her first girl/girl scenes. O’Connell, who has directed more than 3,000 lesbian sex scenes, said Mindi Mink’s scene with Carter Cruise for the series was the longest he has ever filmed.

“Mindi’s two scenes blew me away,” O’Connell recalled. “I immediately told Moose we should contract her and showed him the footage we shot. In addition to giving great performances, Mindi elevates her partners, making every scene worthy of an award. We agreed to bring her back in August for two more scenes, and we had her sign a contract right then and there.”

Naturally, AVN jumped at the chance to talk to Girlfriends Films’ newest star, whose sultry eyes are every bit as captivating as her dramatic curves.

Mink explained that she got her feet wet in adult by doing live cam work with “It was October of 2012 that I started webcamming and exploring that side of the adult industry,” she said.

She talked about why she first decided to get into adult entertainment. “I was webcamming, and fans were wanting to see me interact. I was always talking about how much I loved women and girls and they basically [said], ‘You should do porn.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I should—and I think I will.’”

Mink wasn’t a huge consumer of adult entertainment herself, but she knew what she liked. “My favorite porn to watch was girls interacting. That was always what got my motor running, so to speak.”

Mink, who identifies as a bisexual, was married briefly to the father of her now-19-year-old son.

She recalled, “I really didn’t have very many long-term relationships once I left the marriage—I had only two, but one was with a woman. … At that time it was something that I had never experienced before. I mean, I had had sexual escapades with women since I was 19. But being in a committed relationship with a woman for four years was a whole different mindset, emotion, feeling—everything.”

As far as her current relationship goes, it turns out he was the catalyst for her move into adult. “I have a boyfriend that I’ve been with for a little over four years. He’s actually the one who encouraged me to be a webcam model,” she said.

Unlike Mink, he was a big fan of porn. “The first night that we were intimate together,” she recalled, “he actually told me, ‘You were made to be in front of the camera doing porn.’ … He brought up the idea of being a webcam model. … And I did really well with it.”

Despite her seasoning in front of the webcam, doing porn was still a big step. “My first scene was with Carter Cruise,” Mink recalled. When O’Connell told her who she’d be performing with, Mink started researching. “I of course was online looking at who this person is and I started doing a little bit of flirting on Twitter with her. … So she and I were able to have a little time before our scene to talk and get to know each other a bit. … That was the first scene; I’ve done four so far.”

But even with a warm-up, Mink confessed to a case of the jitters. “I don’t even remember it all that much, like I do the other three, because it was my first scene and I was pretty nervous. It was just an out-of-body experience. And as you know, she’s very expressive, so I would enjoy doing another scene with her now that I’m a little more relaxed and calm.”

As a cam performer, Mink explained, “I’m by myself and I’m in my room and I’m in a controlled environment—you know, I control the whole situation. It’s totally different when you’re interacting with someone, and also people are there watching and filming. The experience is so different. Completely different. But great. They’re both great in their own way.”

In addition to hoping for a second round with Cruise, she has other performers on her wish list already. One was in the first Girlfriends Films movie she watched: Lesbian Sex 11, Mink recalled. The title featured Brandi Love and Simone Sonay, who were both at AEE. And she got a particularly up-close look at Love, exchanging “lovely sexual yummy kisses with Brandi at her booth.” Mink said, “I would love to film with her.”

The other performer she also met at the AVN Show. “I’m one of those kind of people, for me it’s not so much how someone looks but how that feeling is when you talk to them and you’re next to them. … I was already a fan of hers to start, and then I met her and I was—aaah,” Mink sighs. “Dani Daniels is my number-one pick. … She reminds me a lot of the lesbian lover I had for four years.”

Mink had “a nice little conversation” with Daniels and told the star that she had just filled out an application at the Girlfriends Films booth to perform and that she wanted to be in a movie with Daniels. The star—who has won an AVN Award for Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene—encouraged Mink to retrieve the application and add a note saying Daniels would make herself available for a scene. “I’m hopeful that will happen. I talked to Moose on my last trip, and he knows my lust for her.”

Finally, Mink recalled the moment when she first met O’Connell and Moose at the Girlfriends booth. “I had never been to the AVN Show until this year in January, and I went there with the intention that, ‘I am going to do this.’ Walking around and seeing the Girlfriends Films booth, I just stood there and realized, ‘This is the right company, this is the right fit for me.’ So I’m glad I went with my gut and talked to them first, and I’m looking forward to the exciting journey ahead and I’m looking excited to be there next January in their booth.”

She added, “It was just an instant connection with Dan, at least for me, and I think he feels the same way. So, it’s exciting. Very exciting.” At the time, Mink recounted, she also met Moose. “It was a very brief meeting, because Moose was very, very busy—and I jokingly looked up at Moose and said, ‘I’m going to be your next MILF star.’ I was just trying to be funny and talkative. He said, ‘Oh yeah? We’ll just see about that.’ And I said, ‘OK, we will.’ It’s just kind of funny how everything transpired.”

To read Dan O’Connell’s insights on the signing of Mindi Mink, as well as to see exclusive photos of Mink from her first girl/girl scenes, visit page 12 of Girlfriends Films’ September Newsletter .

Together with , Mink is now one of Girlfriends Films’ two exclusive contract performers. “Having Dan and Moose ask me to join the studio under contract was astonishing and humbling. It’s hard to express how happy, excited, and blessed I feel to be able to start this journey with such an amazing company. I’m beyond ecstatic.”

Fans can meet Mindi Mink in person at the 2015 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, where she will be signing autographs at Girlfriends Films’ booth.

For more information about Girlfriends Films, contact Moose at [email protected], (661) 775-5600 (phone) or (661) 775-5656 (fax).