Fresh Face: Sarah Banks

This article ran in AVN magazine's October 2016 issue of AVN. See the digital edition .

Hometown: Calabasas, California | Age: 19 | Height: 5 feet | Weight: 105 pounds | Measurements: 32A-25-35 | Hair: Black | Eyes: Brown

Porn Valley is a far cry from home for many young women who get into adult. But not for Sarah Banks. For this native of Calabasas, the adult industry was all around her. “It’s everywhere. It’s so obvious. You can kind of look at somebody and think, ‘She probably does porn. She’s probably a stripper,’” Banks says. “Now that I’ve done go-sees I realize how many places in the valley are porn shoots. It’s everywhere—it’s like wildfire.”

Banks jumped right into the flames at age 18. Working in adult “started off as a hobby thing” but she quickly took to it: “I loved the people, I loved the energy on set, the idea of taking pretty pictures.”

She recalls, “My first scene was with—‘act like you don’t know’ kind of thing.” And soon after that she got to work for her favorite company. “I did this scene with Dogfart and it was a gloryhole, and I just loved being there. Oh my gosh, I’m shooting for Dogfart.”

Banks admits, “Even without being in porn, I knew what Dogfart was. I watched Dogfart in my own personal life.”

She adds, “I love Dogfart. I love ’em so much. Some people don’t like their name, but I like it because it’s different. It’s not sweet and dainty. It’s just—Dogfart. And their scenes are as nasty as their name.”

Though she doesn’t have a favorite scene yet, she does have one dream date in mind: a gangbang with Mandingo, Shane Diesel and Jovan Jordan. “I don’t know if I can do it, but it’s on my mind. It’s a lot to take on, but I feel I could do it.”

Asked if she believes it’s harder for an African American woman to get adult work, Banks says firmly, “I’m not going to let that be an excuse for me. I went on Twitter and started networking on my own and pushing my own name out there and seeing if people liked me. And people do like me, so far.”

One person in her corner is her agent at OC Modeling, Sandra McCarthy. “I told her about the whole being black thing,” Banks says. “She looked at me and said, ‘You’re gonna be one of my best girls.’ So I love her to death. ... I’m just going to work myself harder. It’s not as easy as if I were blond-haired with blue eyes.”

When she’s not working, Banks admits she’s a bit of a “house mouse. If I’m not doing something, I never leave the house.”

But that’s OK, because she’s got plenty of company.

“When I turned 18 I could finally do things and buy things that I want and nobody could say anything, so I bought all the animals I wanted,” Banks says.

“I have a lot of reptiles, so I spend a lot of time with them, or reading about reptiles, or discovering what other freaky animal I’m going to buy. I have three snakes, two bearded dragons, a savannah monitor and two dogs. And I have two geckos named Sunny and Coco. I have two Chihuahuas and they’re something. One’s fat and cute and the other’s a yipper.”

Providing more detail, Banks adds, “I have a king snake, a ball python and a corn snake. Pretty basic snakes. My house isn’t big enough for a ginormous one like a Burmese python or a boa.”

Aside from the freedom to start her own menagerie, what she likes best about working in adult is pretty straightforward: “I like to have sex. Just openly, just like that.”

But she’s not afraid to take a professional approach to her work. “There’s so many girls ... it gives me the motivation to be different. To stand out and stay around longer. Some girls come and go—I don’t want to be that girl. I’m a very competitive person. I’m very nice, surprisingly. My one downfall,” she said with a laugh.

“I don’t want to fizzle out. I’m not going to give myself a pass to slack off. I’d rather be completely different than anything else. I literally do everything. I’m into fetish. Even though I have the braces and I’m nice and bubbly, I do everything. Give me a number and a person who’s willing to do it with me, and I’ll do it,” she vows.

“Honestly, look out for my name.”

Book Sarah Banks through OC Modeling and follow her on Twitter: @SarahBanksXXX.