Fresh Face: Kissa Sins

The basics: Hometown: Pasadena | Measurements: 5-foot-2, 32B-24-36 | Eyes: Brown | Hair: Blond

Even after meeting her boyfriend, adult performer Johnny Sins (an AVN Award nominee for the 2015 Male Performer of the year), Kissa Sins still had no intention of entering the adult industry. With just some amateur clips under her belt, Kissa recently filmed her mainstream porn debut for powerhouse studio Brazzers, directed by Brett Brando. Kissa also penned the script, a reality-based scene about one of her biggest fantasies.

Speaking of fantasies, Kissa also pens the Sins Life blog, which Kissa describes as “50 Shades of Grey for Perverts.” To know more about her and Johnny’s sexual antics all one has to do is visit their site,, which includes their infamous Sex Bucket List. “Right now it’s a hundred challenges long. Our fans are adding to it and actual porn stars are putting themselves on the list. We have a couple of porn stars on there and all kinds of new things that fans have been adding to it. We have about 25 items crossed off.”

All we can say is stay tuned to see how many more bucket item lists Kissa and Johnny will be crossing off.

Why did you choose Brazzers as the studio to film your debut mainstream scene?

I really respect Brazzers. I’ve always really liked Brazzers and their production values. I started to speak to Brett Brando about it a little while ago and he was really excited about the vision of everything and letting me write my own script and expressing my own fantasy from my point of view. So it all just kind of came together.

You wrote the script for your first scene. What kind of scenario or theme is the scene about?

The scene is kind of reality in a way but mostly it’s my fantasy. And so I have this blog I write that’s called Sins Life and it has a million readers. The scene is going to be based on me writing a journal entry for Sins Life, about what I would want to happen if I could pick any fantasy. So it starts out with ... I’m kind of a rebel, which is true, and my parents don’t want me to be with Johnny Sins, who’s my boyfriend, which is also true. Then I spin a little fantasy in it. Basically what happens is my parents don’t want me to be with Johnny Sins so I run away from home and I run to Las Vegas to be with him. But in the meantime a hot girl picks me up hitchhiking to Johnny’s house and then we fuck in her car in the desert on the way to Vegas. Then we get to Vegas and we both fuck Johnny. It kind of turns into this elaborate fun thing but it’s really hot.

Who’s the other girl?

Riley Reid. I’ve wanted to fuck her forever.

So there’s a little bit of truth to it?

Most of it is. My parents don’t approve. I came out to my parents about doing porn because I don’t want to lie; I’m really bad at it and I don’t like the feeling of it. I’d rather just get it all out there. If you give people the truth they have time to process it and hopefully they’ll forgive me. But at the moment I’m disowned and at the moment they don’t approve of Johnny, so the scene is kind of about that.

So they don’t approve of you being in the adult industry either?

Exactly. I wanted to tell them before they found out. I don’t want them to find out from my dad’s friends or someone like that. I’d rather me tell them. So at the moment they’re not speaking to me but they’ll come around because I know they miss me.

Did you always want to enter the adult industry?

No, I didn’t want to enter the adult industry at all. I used to be a wedding planner. I got sick of my job, working 10-14 hours a day and working toward someone else’s goals, and really didn’t like it. When I met Johnny I still didn’t want to be in the adult industry. We went to Mexico for a few weeks and we were recording sex tapes on our GoPros, and he needed content for his website and so we thought, “Why not use some of these videos?” Then people started requesting me. I started a Twitter and it just grew and grew and grew. I have 20,000 followers on Twitter already. So it kind of evolved.

What girls are on your bucket list that you’d like to work with in the future?

I have girl crushes on a hundred different girls. It’s really bad. Aidra Fox, she’s beautiful and we love each other. Arianna Marie as well. Those are just the top; really it’s everybody. I’m pussy deprived at the moment. I need pussy so badly.

What is your goal in porn?

I want to express my sexuality. I’m very different sexually and I want to share that with the world and fuck a bunch of girls and fuck a bunch of girls with Johnny, and really just have fun and share who I am with everyone.

What’s the best thing about being in the adult industry?

Being naked all the time.

Quick Hits

If you could have a million dollars or great sex for the rest of your life what would you pick?

Great sex, hands down.

What advice would you give a civilian guy if he wanted to date a porn girl?

Be strong and realize they love you and that it’s just a job.

If you couldn’t be a porn girl but another type of sex worker, what would you pick?

Probably a cam girl. I couldn’t escort and I’m terrible at stripping.

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