Fresh Face: Interview With Josie Jagger

This article originally ran in the June 2015 issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see the magazine online.

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona | Age: 20 | Measurements: 5-feet even, 32C | Hair: Dark brown | Eyes: Brown

“You’ll like her—she’s cute,” her representative said, and he was right. When asked to spell her name, Josie Jagger started spelling her real name, not her work moniker. We caught up with her on her 20th birthday (March 26) to get a Josie’s-eye-view of her life as a performer.

How did you start with this?

I put an ad on a website and my agency found me. I was looking to just model. I was hesitant at first, but I came to L.A. and I shot my first scene and I loved it.

What did you do before this?

I used to be a certified nursing assistant. I took care of elderly people and kids. I studied for it. It’s not like being a doctor or anything, but you need a certificate. It takes a year and a half.

How many scenes have you done now?

About 50.

What’s the best scene you’ve done so far?

One of my favorite scenes was for Naughty America with Johnny Castle. It was really fun. It was ranked as one of the most popular scenes on the website. It’s the only scene I did for them with Johnny Castle, so it’s easy to find.

Who do you want to work with that you haven’t worked with yet?

I want to work with Tyler Nixon. He’s my age … he’s a really nice guy. I used to watch him before I started working in the industry.

How is making videos different from what you thought?

I thought it was going to be harder and scarier, but once I got on set it was way easier than I thought. I thought they were going to just push me in there and say, “Do it!” When I shot my first scene the director was really, really nice. The talent was really nice too.

Do you like working in the adult industry?

I love it. I like meeting the new people, all the great people I’ve met so far. And traveling. I’ve been to some places I’ve never been before. I was just in Miami. I’ve never been there. I’ve met some people I’ve seen on screen and I was, like, starstruck. “Oh my gawd, I’ve seen you before!” When I met Dani Daniels the words didn’t come out. When I joined the industry I didn’t think it would make a difference, I would just be making money, but I’ve realized that my confidence got a really big boost. It’s a self-esteem booster. I recommend it.

What's the biggest misconception outsiders have of the adult industry?

A lot of people think we don’t test, they think we just find random people on the street and have sex with them. No. No no no no no no no. There’s a paper and it says that this person is not a dirty person. That’s what I get asked all the time.

What are your biggest turn-ons?

I like younger guys. I don’t like older men.

Describe your dream sexual scenario.

I’m into BDSM, being tied up and stuff like that. I think kidnapping is really hot. It’s a big fantasy for me. I just shot for and I had, like the greatest experience of my life.

What's the most valuable life lesson you’ve learned?

I learned how to save my money. How to budget my money right now. My parents always told me to save my money. When I got into the industry and got money I was like “Spend it” but when I got my first check I spent it on clothes and then I was like “Don’t do that any more. Save your money.” I bought a $500 purse. That’s my splurge.

How would your best friends describe you?

They think I’m hilarious for some reason. Don’t know why. They think I’m smart but I don’t think I’m smart. They think I’m really, really fun. The go-to party girl.

How do you spend your free time?

I try to work out every now and then. That’s a lie. Once a week. I like to go out with my girlfriends when I’m not working, we usually go to the beach. I like to go to the spa a lot.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you like to be doing?

I’d probably be going to school. This is going to help me with school, it’s going to help me pay towards it, save up for that. I want to be a choreographer.

Do you have a long-range plan?

I want to do this until I’m like 27, and be in school at the same time. I want to start that when I’m 22. Then be done and be doing porn and choreographing at the same time. When I’m 30 I’d like to be done and finished with porn and just doing dance and choreographing.

Quick Hits

Food you would be able to eat every day: Tacos. I love tacos. Beef and carne asada.

Best concert you’ve been to: I’ve never been to one. I’m going to Coachella this year. That’ll be my first.

One thing you would like to change about yourself: My shyness. I get shy sometimes. When I’m on set I’m not shy, but I get nervous.

What gets you in the mood: If I really like a person and I’m into that person, that’s what gets me in the mood. I can take one look at a person and I’m like, “Can we...?”

Above, Josie Jagger in Fresh Girls 2, a current release from Jules Jordan Video