Fresh Face: Carmen Caliente

Hometown: Tampa, FL
Age: 19
Stats: 5’ 7”, 34B-24-34
Heritage: Puerto Rican and white
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde (“It came in the package blonde”)

Was it her Latin blood or the fact that before porn she earned her scratch flipping burgers over a hot griddle at McDonald’s that inspired Carmen Caliente to choose the stage name she did? Perhaps it was a little of both, but one thing for certain is that she’s been burning up the pornosphere of late, catching the eyes of many on box covers, in magazines and all over the internet. Below, the super-spicy spitfire tells us everything about herself we wanted to know and weren’t afraid to ask.

When did you get started doing this?
November 2, 2013.

That’s very specific.
The day that changed my life.

Who did you shoot for on November 2, 2013?
That’s actually the day my plane landed in Las Vegas, and I shot for Porn Pros—Casting Couch X was my first shoot.

How did you decide you wanted to do this?
I had just graduated at high school. So, I’m just chillin’, flipping my burgers and shit, and I have a good friend who’s about my age, who’s in the industry [Marina Angel]. She’s been my friend for a long time outside of work and I’ve known her for years. Anyway, she kept on disappearing for long periods of time. And I kept thinking where the fuck is this girl going, coming back with all this money, what the fuck is going on? So then, I finally put it together, and she’s like, “Yeah, OMG, you caught me doing porn.” And she asked if I wanted to do it. I said, “No, OMG!” I’m a prude. And then I was like, well, maybe it would be fun, and I’ve never even left Florida before. And, man, what am I going to do, sit here and just fucking flip these burgers until I get a car? Or, okay, let’s go to Vegas, woohoooo! I lied and tried to hang onto that job for a couple of weeks until things came out and shit hit the fan.

So did you quit voluntarily or did you get fired?
Yeah, I got forced to quit. I technically got fired because I stopped going to work. My high school was not even a mile away from my job so when my video dropped, everybody was in the lobby and I was in the kitchen making food, and hearing people screaming “Carmen!” and I’m like, “Oh fuck!” And some kids had printed out pictures of a pop shot on my face and throwing it in the lobby. And I just thought, “I don’t feel comfortable here anymore. I’m just not feeling it anymore.” They made it really awkward.

What are your dos and don’ts?
I do girl/girl, boy/girl, boy/girl/girl/girl/girl/girl/girl/girl/girl … through porn, I realized I like girls a lot. I was never with a girl before porn, and I lost my lesbian virginity on camera and now I realize I like girls better than I thought I would. So, girls!

Any favorite girls?
Well, Marina Angel is the one who took my lesbian virginity. It was the funniest experience ever, because she’s like my best friend and we were just all giggles. It was like, “OMG, this is your pussy!” And I’ve never even seen my own from that angle, so I was like, whoa! It didn’t make anything awkward—if anything it made us closer—and now we fuck around off camera, so … If I could work with anyone, Samantha Saint—what the fuck, it would be legendary. If I could even meet her I’d be happy. If I had to shoot a scene with her, I’d be like, “Duhhhhhh.” I also like Jada Stevens, her ass is really nice.

Did you have any kind of religion growing up?
I’m Puerto Rican, so my heritage growing up, I was around Baptist Christians, and I did the whole church thing and it was great and liberating. I still do believe in God, but if you believe in God then you don’t feel as though he’s judging you on these sexual acts that harshly. If he can forgive someone who commits murder, I’m not going to sit here and cry about my pussy being on the internet, all right? And that’s my take on religion.

Do you do any sports?
I look like I do. Twerking. I like to penny board, but I bust my ass too often to say it’s a hobby. I like kickboxing. That’s what I grew up doing, that’s why I have an athletic build—I did it for 10 years consecutively.

Any other special abilities?

Besides twerking—can you cook?
I don’t know. I wonder what girls say other than twerking?

Do you play any instruments?
Does anyone? Do most of these girls play ukuleles?

Some do.
Damn! I gotta step up my ukulele game!

What’s the one thing you want everyone to know about you?
That I really like to twerk! I know, I’ve mentioned twerking about six times. When you see me, know that I can throw that ass! [And] know that I’m nice and I don’t bite unless you want me to.

Coke or Pepsi?
So controversial! Dr. Pepper!

You said the secret answer! You got it!
Dr. Pepper is life. Fuck either of those. That is my life, Dr. Pepper, smoking, hiking and twerking.

What’s your insightful comment for the world?
Don’t make life difficult for each other. That’s pretty much it. Try to make life as easy as possible for one another. Universal good vibes.

This article originally ran in the October issue of AVN magazine.