Five-Year Vet: Interview with Allie Haze

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—Allie Haze sits in her chic, downtown Brooklyn hotel room answering a slate of questions from various media outlets in what will be a full day of interviews for the five-year veteran performer. Haze is in New York City to celebrate her birthday at Sapphire’s gentleman’s club where she will be performing a live show for her legion of fans. But the bulk of the questions being asked of Allie center around her upcoming showcase release from Hard X, directed by Mason, one of the industry’s most prolific and mysterious directors. She shares with AVN that her showcase DVD will be an all-anal release, with Haze performing anal in each scene.

“I feel like the fans have waited for this to happen,” said Haze about why she decided to pursue this project in such a full-on way. “[This] was originally something I wanted to do because people who know me and my fans, it’s all or nothing with me. It’s 100 percent balls to the wall or nothing at all. I wanted people to be saying, “Holy crap! She gave us an all-anal movie.”

Haze’s showcase DVD is expected to be released by Hard X on July 9.

Are you excited about performing at Sapphire New York on your birthday?

Actually I’m really excited. Sapphire called me to book me and I had two options. One of the dates happened to fall on my birthday and the other date was not. So I definitely made the conscious choice to want to spend time with my fans on my birthday. I love dancing, I love getting out there and meeting them and stuff. And I figured why not add a little flair. I’ve never really done a birthday bash or a birthday party or anything like that as long as I’ve been in the business. So this is kind of like the best of both worlds. I obviously love performing and dancing, and I love my fans so I figured I would mesh them together. So I’m really excited to see the turnout and see what everybody thinks.

How long have you been a feature dancer? Were you a dancer of any sort before doing adult? How long have you been on the feature dancer circuit?

I’ve been on the circuit now for about a year and no, I’m actually a . . . the girl next door role fits me well because I’m actually an ex preacher’s wife. I was never any kind of dancer before. I did do a little bit of jazz, tap and ballet because I was in the theater so we had to study every art. But I was never a stripper or anything like that before.

To this day I still receive Vivid screeners with you on the cover. Having been a part of Vivid, what did you learn over there that was most helpful to your career?

Patience. [Laughs] Like you said, movies are still coming out to this day and I’m no longer a contract girl with them. So it was definitely a lot of patience. They’re a well oiled machine and they operate a certain way. Sometimes it takes them a little bit longer to get material out because they’re very meticulous on how they advertise it, how they present it to their fans and their box covers are amazing. They put a lot of time and effort into the material that they do but I definitely learned a lot about patience, and I learned a lot about myself. There was a lot more one-on-one time when I was on set. I had a lot more time behind the scenes. I got to talk to my directors a lot more. I talked to them before the project was to be done. I even got the opportunity to do some post production and pick some music for All About Allie, and come up with a couple of concepts on how I wanted to shoot the scene. I was given a lot more privileges I guess you can say, and opportunities to see how the whole thing works not just from a performer’s side. I definitely learned a lot about myself, business, moviemaking, all that stuff. It was so beneficial. I would never take that year back.

Let’s move on to your upcoming showcase DVD for Hard X. What will it be called first of all?

This is so funny that you’re asking me this question because it’s still top secret to me on what it’s going to be called. There is no title yet. There’s a working title. And that’s one of the many things that I love about working with Mason. She likes to let the whole project play itself out from beginning to end and feel the material, and capture those moments and see how I feel right in those moments before she gives anything a title or gives anything a name. And it kind of makes it so that there are no expectations so it gives you as a performer the chance to be free because you’re not trying to live up to a name of a movie or live up to what you think it’s suppose to be. She’s very true into capturing those really raw moments. So there’s no title yet. [Laughs] I can let you know that this movie is going to be my first all anal release so it’s going to be an all anal movie. I’m not just giving my fans a one shot at one scene. It’s an all-anal movie.

Why did you feel the time was right to shoot your first anal scenes?

I wanted to make it an all-anal movie. That was originally something I wanted to do because, not only have I waited for a while to do this, I waited for myself to be ready personally. I don’t know how to explain maybe what has happened over the last year that has all of a sudden made me ready. I don’t know why but I’m ready and people who know me and my fans, it’s all or nothing with me. It’s 100% balls to the wall or nothing at all. I didn’t want people to say, “Oh my gosh! This is the first?” I wanted people to be saying, “Holy crap! She gave us an all-anal movie.” That is insane. Not only did she come out of the gate with news but now, we have a full movie. We get to see it more than once. It’s not just one scene; it’s multiple times. I feel like the fans have waited for this to happen. I’ve waited for this to happen so I wanted to give as much as I could and this is all of it.

Was it difficult to hold off doing anal especially after five years in the industry?

I just came up on my five year anniversary this June which was one of the reasons I also wanted to release this movie. It was kind of an anniversary present to me; five years in this business, five years of an amazing career and amazing fans and everything fell into place. I wasn’t holding out for any reason. My body literally wasn’t physically ready. I couldn’t do it. [Laughs] Even in my personal life I would try, try and try and I couldn’t do it. So I don’t know if it was all of a sudden an acceptance with me or what but one day I was just like, “I can do this. I got this. I want to make this happen. I want to see how far we can push that backdoor.” [Laughs]

You were never pressured into doing this?

No. I’ve been asked for years to shoot this movie. Three years ago I was asked by a company to shoot this and I was like, “I’m not ready. I’m sorry I’m not ready.” So I’ve been asked for years to shoot an anal movie. This was the time. That’s the beautiful part about this business. As a performer you do everything on your own terms.

You decided to work with Mason on this project. Who approached who first?

Mason was actually a director in the past that asked me a couple of years ago if I would shoot it. She wanted to shoot it a couple of years back and I wasn’t ready, and she knew I wasn’t ready. Then it kind of fell behind and I put my feelers out there to my fans to be honest with you. I’ve been signing at the conventions so when I was meeting my fans they kept asking me within this past year, “Are you ready yet?” because my fans know. I would always tell them, “I’m not ready. I promise I’m not trying to hold out for any reason. I’m not ready.” I put my feelers out to my fans and when they started asking me at EXXXotica I was like, “Well, I’m ready now.” I was just waiting for a company to ask me. So for a while there was talk on message boards and they were like, “I just saw her last week at EXXXotica and she said she was ready but she’s waiting for a company to hit her up. Why is nobody going after this? Why is nobody shooting this?” Mason got wind of that and she came back to me and she asked me again and I was ready to do this. So it was the two of us coming together finally at the right time, right place. Everything fell into place the way it was suppose to.

Mason gets a lot of firsts from the girls she shoots. What is about Mason that makes the girls save their hardest stuff for her?

I think one of Mason’s biggest and best qualities is that she never presents it to you and she never talks to you about giving her a good scene or giving her your best scene. To her it’s about capturing those moments. It’s about capturing moments that you personally also want to remember. I think that’s one of the most amazing things about her directing style is that she’s about capturing the moment. To us as performers, that’s the best because we get to get lost in all the moments. And we get to solely give our fans that experience to a tee. We are advertising that experience, that’s what we’re doing. We’re having that experience right then right there, never before and here it is. She just makes the setting so comfortable. As performers we really try to push ourselves, trying to do something different and something new in every scene that we do. Even if it’s a regular boy/girl and I’ve been doing boy/girl for five years now. Every scene I come into I want to make it better than the last or make it different than the last. With Mason she takes away that competition away from you and lets us capture some moments.

Mason really lets you and your fellow performer go off. She doesn’t really do a lot of directing during the sex scene.

No and I also think it’s because she’s a woman she can read our faces. She knows as a woman, “Oh, I think she’s going to cum right now.” And sometimes as performers we get lost. We get lost when we’re cumming. We get really silent and we stop talking, and the viewer may not know what we’re doing and she reminds us that we are not only capturing these moments for ourselves but for the viewers. “So talk to me, tell me, describe what’s going.” That’s such an amazing feeling that a lot of times, just as a woman you forget how sexy and hot and great it is to actually, physically say what you’re doing. Physically you’re saying what is going on in your brain, and in my brain I’m going “Ohmigosh, there is something in my butt. This is totally crazy, I’m freaking out because there is something in my butt and I’m so happy about it.” I think that’s why the fans love her scenes so much too. They get to hear everything that we’re thinking.

Are there any top gonzo studios that you haven’t worked for yet or not that often you’d love to do a scene for?

I haven’t had the opportunity to shoot with a variety of companies. I don’t know why that is. I think at the beginning of my career I was definitely put into the “girl next door” role. Nobody really knew that I could do gonzo or that I liked doing gonzo, and also I’m a good actress according to most in the business. I don’t want to brag or anything but I’m also one of the better actresses in the business. Those are the kind of movies that I’ve just done over the years. I would definitely love to show another side of myself. I would definitely like to work a lot more with Digital Playground. I would love to star in one of their features. All their directors are so good. I would definitely like to work with them. And then Jules Jordan, I would love to do some kind of showcase with Jules because it’s just a different style, a different group of people. So Jules is definitely on my list. I think those are the two who . . . I mean Evil Angel has so many different directors. I did shoot a lot of stuff for Evil in the past. I shot one of my hardest scenes to date for Dana Vespoli’s Fluid. There’s waterboarding in it and I think it’s a scene that, unfortunately for whatever reason, fell under the radar because it’s such a crazy scene, a crazy scene for me. Like I said there’s waterboarding in it and things I’ve never done before in it. But I definitely would like to continue to work with directors like that. And I also love shooting for Jonni Darkko. I’ve done a lot of BJ movies for him. He’s just so fun and comfortable to work with. So those are definitely the people in the gonzo realm who I hope will grab a hold of me and shoot some amazing stuff.

As January’s Penthouse Pet do you notice a whole new crop of fans that weren’t really aware of your porn career?

Yes, I am definitely getting a different group of fans from that. Being in Penthouse, when I first got into the business magazines, and being on the cover of magazines is still very popular but it was one of the biggest things you could do was get that magazine cover. It was an achieving moment when you got that magazine cover. It was one of those things I wanted to achieve. So to achieve it now, going on my fifth year is really amazing. It was such an honor. As a little girl we used to love to dress up as princesses. Being in Penthouse and being one of their girls, that was my porno princess moment. I was so, so excited and I’m hoping it doesn’t stop there but it’s up to the fans. I would love to follow one of my best girlfriends in the business Lexi Belle and be the next Penthouse Pet Of the Year.

As for your mainstream projects you have Age of Ice coming out on the Syfy channel . . .

Yeah. I think Age of Ice comes out towards the end of the year. You know how mainstream works; sometimes it takes a little longer than we do. [Laughs]

Can you describe the role you’re playing?

I got to play a military rescue worker which was really cool because we were shooting on the beach in Malibu and I was in my Army getup. At the beginning of the movie we got to shoot on the USS Iowa. So that was really cool. I got to shoot on the beach and I got to shoot on this big battleship. It was definitely a lot of fun to see the difference. I mean I’ve done some mainstream things before but this was definitely something on a bigger scale and on top of that, I’m the biggest sci-fi geek in the world. One of my overall achievements I would like to do for myself is, one day I would like to star in my own sci-fi series. I want to be in the next Stargate or something. [Laughs]

Was playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars XXX parody a turning point in your career?

Not necessarily. It definitely got a lot of attention and people paid attention to what was going on, and I would’ve loved if it got a lot more mainstream attention because it was a good movie on top of that. It’s not a parody that we did half-ass we were in and it was really good, and a lot of fun. I’m hoping we’ll still make a sequel. There’s still talk here and there. Sometimes I hear it in the wind. But as long as the fans keep requesting it hopefully we can do another one. Princess Leia in the first one doesn’t really have a large role. We’re just acknowledging who she is, who her character is and building on the fact that she’s going to have to rule an empire.

Are there any other mainstream projects in the works?

Not yet. I’m hoping to work again with Asylum Films which is the one that did Age of Ice. I’m hoping to work again with them. Look for that in the future. I’m not giving up. I definitely want to do a lot more mainstream. So I’m putting my feelers out there.

A shorter version of this article originally ran in the June 2014 issue of AVN magazine.