Felix Vicious Assaulted, Robbed at Gunpoint

Porn star Felix Vicious was assaulted and robbed at gunpoint outside a Hollywood nightclub early Thursday morning. Vicious, who retired from performing in August 2006, suffered injuries to her face and hands, according to close friend Jason Green, co-owner of Las Vegas-based company Paradise Visuals.

"Felix went to a club on Wednesday night, and I got a message from her at 4:30 AM," Green told AVN.com. "She said, 'I'm really scared; I got robbed and pistol-whipped' – she got back to me the next morning and told me that she was in a club in Hollywood with three friends. They parked behind the club, three guys came up and held them at gunpoint [in the parking lot] and tried to take her purse. I guess she didn't cooperate, so the guy dragged her across the street; she's not sure how many times she got hit – her nose is really bad, she was hit in the side of her head, and she suffered some damage to her wrist and hand, so she's pretty messed up. The shock still hasn't worn off."

The attackers took Vicious' purse, containing her cell phone, a digital camera, cash, bank cards and driver's license. Green told AVN.com that Vicious is "currently recovering and lucky to be alive."

Fans can visit Vicious' website to send well wishes and bid on auctions of memorabilia that will help cover her medical bills and replace the lost items.

Vicious, 23, was unavailable for comment.