Evil Angel Sets Up Heavyweight Bout: 'Lex vs. Ryan Conner'

LOS ANGELES—Two sexual athletes in peak condition are set to meet in a four-round heavyweight sexual bout. Titled Lex vs. Ryan Conner, the match is being released December 7 on DVD and VOD by Evil Angel.

In one corner is Ryan Conner, a buxom blonde knockout. In the other, director/star stud Lexington Steele, who's more than ready to train his sparring partner, who recently returned to the XXX ring. A trailer can be previewed at EvilAngelVideo.com.

Conner’s stunning curves brought her porn stardom in the 2000s, but she’s been absent from adult DVDs for most of the past 10 years. With new tattoos decorating a body more formidable than ever, Conner’s MILF incarnation emerges as the perfect contender for a dedicated star showcase. “It’s awesome; what can I say?” Conner mused. “It’s the pinnacle of a career.”

Steele added, “The showcase genre is taken to a higher level with Lex vs. Ryan Conner. She is unquestionably legendary in status for those who remember her first few years. Her return to fan favorite status speaks to her popularity, and I am happy to have been a part of her return to the top of the XXX ranks.”

The director and the star square off in four interracial scenarios: an opening anal one-on-one; a BBC d.p. threesome; a bisexual menage-a-trois featuring AVN Female Performer of Year Anikka Albrite; and a dark-meat blow bang. Before each scene, Conner dances outdoors, showing off mega jugs and massive cheeks in her see-through lingerie. “Her skills are on full display in this signature showcase, and Ryan deserves Best Female Performer recognition. She is one of the greatest performers I have had the honor to work with,” states Steele.

In Lex vs. Ryan Conner, the MILF beauty was clearly ready for experiences that might have daunted her in the past. She explains, “There are scenes that I was always intimidated to do, and I did them in this movie. There are a couple of firsts: my first interracial blow bang and my first interracial d.p. While they may not seem like that big of a deal, when you’re dealing with the size of the guys, and more than two people, it always seemed like a challenge, and I was never sure I wanted that on camera. But the gentlemen I worked with were amazing.” Joining her and Steele in the scene is young black stud Jon Jon; in the blow bang, Conner enjoys the attentions (and erections) of five black men in suits and ties.

Sharing a few tales of the tape, the director revealed that even during intense sodomy Conner never loses her humor, commenting at one point that Steele’s manhood is so large, “I can see it move in my stomach.” With Steele and Jon Jon, she wails through repeated double penetrations.

New challenges await the reigning champ. “The blow bang was kind of funny,” Conner reveals. “My partners in crime ... are kind of notorious for moving a scene from a blow bang to a gang bang. They were told up front not to; this was just a blow bang. We had fun.” A full-on interracial gang bang would be something to look forward to, should Conner and Steele hook up in a rematch. Right now, Lex vs. Ryan Conner answers the bell for fans that have been dreaming of a knockout comeback.

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Above, Ryan Conner with Lexington Steele and Anikka Albrite; photo courtesy Evil Angel