Eva Angelina Performs Her First Anal Scene

Eva Angelina’s fans have cause for celebration this week, as the popular starlet has announced the completion of her first on-camera anal scene. The landmark moment can be seen exclusively on evaangelinaonline.com.

“Basically, I’ve been itching to do anal for a while,” Angelina told AVN.com. “I held out for a long time, because I wanted to make the right move, because ultimately, I knew companies would be making a lot of money off my ass. I love doing anal off-camera, and I thought it was appropriate to start off the year doing it exclusively for my website.”

Angelina opted not to include any set-up in the scene. “It was great,” she enthused. “We did two vaginal positions, two anal positions and a little D.P. where I was fucking myself in the ass with a dildo. [Director] Raven shot it. I wanted to do this my way, and I don’t like a lot of set-up in my scenes. I get really excited, so to me, the set-up is just time wasted. I just wanted to start fucking. It’s like, cut all the bullshit out and give everybody what they want to see.

“Later on that day, I did an all-girl three-way scene where I got D.P.’d by Sunny Lane and Gianna Lynn,” she revealed. “It’s going to be on my site next week as part of the next update.”

The starlet launched her website in October, and has been continuously shooting content since late November. “Every day that I’m not working on a movie, I’m shooting for my site,” she said. “The site is doing so well; I’ve got over 250 members in 13 weeks. I’m getting so much communication with all my fans, and I customize my scenes to fulfill everybody’s wishes.

“I get all my fan mail straight to my cell phone, and so many people have asked me when I’m going to do anal, gang bangs, crazy shit like that. I was going to do a movie [for Defiance] where every scene was something I hadn’t done, like anal, but it never happened. I’m glad I can give this exclusively to my fans.”

The 21-year-old Angelina said she started experimenting with anal sex long before she did porn. “Actually, when I first started masturbating anally, I was on this quest to conquer all the bigger-sized dildos,” she laughed. “I used a curling iron, drumsticks… anything I could stick in my ass! For my ex-boyfriend, I would record videos on my webcam of me D.P.’ing myself.”

Angelina will be signing for Sex Z Pictures at this year’s AEE. She will also host a party at the Mirage Hotel and Casino’s new nightclub Jet (3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109) on Thursday night at 10.