Dolce, Mojo Discuss 'Manipulative Massage' and Beyond

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—If there's one thing to be said about 2017 AVN All-Girl Performer of the Year nominee Darcie Dolce, it's that the girl has ambition. Having proven her worth with the trifecta of AVN Award nods her directorial debut, Filly Films' The Lesbian Landlord, racked up, the enterprising porn multitasker hopes to parlay that success into more directing gigs, bigger budgets and ultimately running her own ship under her Dolce XXX banner.

At present, Dolce is focusing on building buzz for the next Filly release she helmed, Darcie Dolce's Manipulative Massage, due out July 24. Shot by her husband and partner, Marc Mojo, Manipulative Massage finds Dolce playing—you guessed it—a manipulative masseuse opposite Samantha Rone, Jillian Janson, Reena Sky and Yasmin Scott.

Noting that she was given greater flexibility with this project, Dolce told AVN, "It was more thought out, it wasn't shot all in one day like the first one was. So it wasn't as rushed."

Added Mojo, "The storylines were pretty funny, and the dialog was comical. We had to cut sometimes because the girls were laughing so hard. [Dolce] has a great sense of humor, and a lot of people don't know that about her, so we want the footage, the films, the scenes to have a little bit of humor in there, because it's reflective of her and her personality."

As illustration of the sort of wackiness with which she imbued the scenes, Dolce offered, "I made up some cockamamie story about why I'm touching them a certain way—'Oh, well I went to school in Bali to brush up on my masseuse skills, yeah. It really helps when you really get up in there.'"

Mojo mused that as a team, he and Dolce are uncommonly symbiotic. "A lot of couples, I would say, can't work hand in hand on projects, and we excel at it," he propounded. "We work really well together, and I think that comes off in the final product. You can see she's kind of in a zone, and if she's in the scene she's able to perform well, whatever she's doing, it just seems like it's better when we're doing it together."

Moving forward, he said the Dolce XXX duo aim to "do more directing and producing for companies. I want them to see what we did for Filly, and Filly wants us to do more. So we'd like to showcase what we could do with Filly and move on to greater things."

Among those things are Dolce's promised expansion into boy/girl, with Mojo handling the boy honors. "September is the targeted date for me to be ready," he projected. "She gets probably between 10 and 30 messages a day of people asking, 'When are you going to do boy/girl?' It's definitely still happening. We're very excited about doing it, we've actually written quite a few treatements for it, we've talked about cast, we're ready."

Also still on track is Dolce XXX's inaugural title, Kitty Kisser, which initially sought crowdfunding, but as Mojo explained, "we have somebody who's going to finance the project. There's not a set date yet, but I'm thinking like late June, somewhere in there we're going to shoot Kitty Kisser."

Meanwhile, the pair offers a glimpse of what's to come with a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the Manipulative Massage shoot available for viewing .

Above at left, Marcus Mojo; right, Jillian Janson and Darcie Dolce.