Distribution of Kirdy Stevens' 'Taboo' Series Now At Dynasty Group

COVINA, Calif.

Effective immediately, Standard Digital's DVDs, including famed director Kirdy Stevens' incredibly enduring and resilient Taboo series on DVD, will again be distributed by Dynasty Group, after a relocation of the company's offices to the San Gabriel Valley.

“We feel so fortunate to have Taboo back in our building,” said Jon Islas, "that guy at Dynasty." “Exile did such a great job for us this last year, and we thank Jerry [E] and Howard [Levine] for everything, especially the respect they had for our line and the tremendous effort they put forth in managing our distribution.”

Dynasty Group’s collection of titles include the Kirdy Stevens’ Signature Series Taboo 1-6 starring the irreplicable Kay Parker, along with the Insatiable 30th Anniversary Edition starring Marilyn Chambers, a collaboration with I-Candy.

Insatiable is a beautiful and visually stunning film, and our Collectors Edition is the very best version of this Marilyn Chambers classic," Islas noted. "Three other films, Playing With Fire, Animal In Me and Daisy Chain, are some of Kirdy Stevens best work. But the latest editions are the recently released Taboo: Mothers Edition and Taboo: Kay Parker Collection, a three disc set of Taboo 1-3.

Dynasty Group can now be found at 426 N. Barranca Ave. Ste. 3, Covina, CA 91723. Jon Islas can be called/texted at 818-676-9020 and reached by email at [email protected].