Digital Playground Opens Throttle on ‘Top Guns’ Trailer

VAN NUYS, Calif.Top Guns, Digital Playground’s high-flying new action adventure, is on the runway and ready for take-off. The million-dollar blockbuster streets on March 8, but fans who can’t wait to get on board can check out a sexy trailer at .

The high-octane teaser is available for download on this special fan site, where aficionados also will find exclusive cast photos, free downloads and wallpaper. To view the YouTube version of the trailer, click here: . The site is optimized for iPhone and iPad users.

“Not since Pirates has Digital Playground invested so much in a feature,” said DP founder and award-winning director Joone. “Top Guns is a million-dollar production, and people will see that in the trailer. I made sure it was perfect; from the adventure and the danger to the hottest sex ever captured by a camera.”

“This movie is going to be absolutely epic,” exclaimed Jesse Jane, one of the stars of Top Guns. “It’s such a rush to watch. Between the dog fights and the sex, your pulse is really racing!”

The movie also features Riley Steele, Kayden Kross, Stoya and Selena Rose.

Jesse Jane and Riley Steele play the two best female fighter pilots in the Air Force. Their arch-rivals, Stoya and Kayden Kross, are the unbeatable bitches from the Navy. But the two branches of the military come together—literally—in a red-hot all-girl orgy atop a fighter jet.

Top Guns is our big, badass new porn,” said Kross. “It stars all the Digital girls and obviously we rocked it. Everybody should buy it!”

Steele asserts that the build-up to the movie’s release is thoroughly justified. “Prepare yourself for one of the biggest and best things Digital has ever put out,” she said.

The sky-high budget afforded Top Guns director Robby D. access to three real jets, and the final cut contains more than 280 special-effects shots. The movie is his biggest-budget feature to date, and he promises it’s like nothing Digital Playground has ever done before. “This was a huge undertaking. By far my most exciting shoot,” Robby D. said. “And the post-production special effects are unbelievable.”

"Being a female CEO in a man’s world, I’m so proud of the DP girls’ performances in Top Guns because they represent female empowerment. It’s brilliant,” adds Samantha Lewis, Digital Playground president. “Top Guns is the next great chapter of our studio’s movie-making history. This movie will appeal to a broad audience because of the strong female characters.”