Dani Daniels Launches Lingerie Line

NEW YORK—Adult star Dani Daniels on Thursday announced the launch of her new lingerie line bearing her name. The line is already in production and will be available in the spring on , in adult stores worldwide and in some edgy mainstream retail shops.
"I always wanted to create a wearable line of lingerie with a slight BDSM edge to it," Daniels said. "This line is exactly that! Working with my designer we have created lingerie that is sexy, functional with some pieces that are really kinky and fun!"
The line will feature 23 pieces each available in three colors aptly titled, Bondage Black, Not-So-Blue Balls, and Bruise. Some of the pieces are traditional sexy lingerie designs, but there will be other pieces such as a bondage kimono whose belt can be detached and used as restraints; and a strapless bra with a collar and strap that detaches in the back to become a leash. Production has already been started and distribution is set for Spring of 2017.
"We created lingerie that can be worn to show off your kinky side or can be used to just make you feel sexy," Daniels added. "Some of the bra tops can be worn on their own as tops. Much of my lingerie can be worn every day but are still sensual and seductive.
"The Collar Bra is a perfect example of a top that can be worn daily that looks sexy but only your partner will know its kinky use. In addition to the Collar Bra and Bondage Kimono, there will be a few other surprise pieces that show off a BDSM/Kink edge."
Photo by Holly Randall