Dangerous Beauty: An AVN Interview With Angelina Valentine

Four-year industry vet Angelina Valentine has always projected the image of an unabashed, perhaps a bit unhinged wild child. There’s plenty on the half-Venezuelan, half-Italian stunner’s record to bolster that impression, too: time in and out of prison back home in Kentucky, a reputation throughout her teens as a bad girl and a freak, flying herself to California at 20 with nothing more than a suitcase to pursue a career in porn … the chica has unquestionably earned her hardcore stripes.

And yet, would you believe it wasn’t until this year that she gave anal a shot? In a recent interview, AVN gained a little insight on that and a few of the other things you might not know about Angelina Valentine. Below the complete transcript of our face-to-face:

AVN: How did you first discover porn?

Angelina Valentine: Well, I never watched porn really hardcore. I mean, I guess when you were little you snuck one in when your mom's away or whatever, but I never was a big porno fanatic.

So if you never really saw it, how did you get here?

Just 'cause I never saw porn doesn't mean I wasn't sexual. I was very sexual. I was very comfortable. I think I was around 10 or 11 when I started realizing I liked girls. And I was open, I had a relationship with a girl in high school, everybody knew me as like, "That girl is a freak, she gets down." And with the people I was intimate with, we went fucking hardcore. Me and my friends were always sucking dicks. True story. We called it "making tacos." We would write notes back and forth to each other so our moms wouldn't read it, 'cause if our moms got these letters we would be in so much trouble, if [they] found out we were sucking dicks. So we decided to speak in code, and it was "making tacos."

How old were you when you got into making tacos?

I started making tacos at 12. I was a bad kid. I started drinking, like I would have little pints of alcohol with me, and I'd be doing freakin' shots. I was beating people up. I was that one girl that was like, "Damn, she's so fucking hot, but I'm afraid of her."

How would you describe yourself?

I’ve always been aggressive, and I’ve had to tone it down because some people find me intimidating, which makes me laugh. Like girls will cancel sometimes because they think I’m going to beat their ass or some shit. It makes me laugh, because I’m the most chill person you’ll ever meet, and I think my bark is a lot bigger than my bite. I do admit, when I first got in the business I was that girl. I was the first one naked at the party, I was the first one on the bar table fucking drunk, I was the first one going to jail. So I do have a background of being ... I don’t know; I have spent a lot of time in jail, and that’s why I take being out and being able to go to school and being able to do shit so serious. ’Cause that shit’s freedom, and people don’t realize ... like the freedom to do porn, we’re so fucking lucky. We’re so lucky. I couldn’t ask for anything else.

Tell me about the jail history.

Everybody has their past, I guess, but I’ve come such a long way. That’s why I can laugh about it now, because I’ve grown up so much. Like, I’m sober now. I mean, I drink, but socially. I’m not that person that I was the first couple of years. I’m about to graduate from college. I didn’t think that I would ever graduate from college, and I’m doing it. You grow up. When I first got in the business, I was a young, retarded idiot, and that’s why I think porn should be 21 and over. Because man, I was mentally a baby. I wish I could just tell girls, “Don’t fuck up, don’t blow your money, don’t blow it up your nose, don’t do it, it’s not worth it, because you’re gonna be living in a box one day.” And that’s, I guess, what made me realize, “Fuck, I do want to have a backup plan one day.” That’s why I’m going to school. It sucks my balls every day, but I do it.

When did you start?

I started going to school a year and a half ago. I was sitting around planning, I guess, and I called the school, I got enrolled, and I never quit going, which is weird because I have ADD or something; I cannot sit still for any amount of time. But for some reason, in this school, it's kind of like ... I don't know, like if I didn't go to school, I'd feel like a blob. And a year passes by and I've already finished a year of it, it's crazy. I just grew up. But don't get it twisted, I mean, I'm always gonna be a little crazy, I'm still a badass. That's in my chemical brain, I guess, it's in my blood. I can't prevent what I was born with. But the things you thought were so fucking important—this is coming from a fucking Aryan brother himself, straight up from the pen—he said the moment he knew he grew up was when everything that he thought was so fucking important wasn't shit anymore. And it's true. You forget, you can't even remember what you did, and you're like, "Dude, I don't want to fuck up my whole life because I'm young and stupid."

So what are you studying to be?

A cosmetologist. But I think I want to be like a stylist too, doing fashion shows and hair and makeup for sets ... not necessarily porno sets, because when I’m done with porn, I’m done.

When did you come to California?

Five years ago. I just booked a plane ticket and left. One day I just left my entire house full of furniture, all my clothes, all my shoes, my fucking car, I left everything. And I just dipped out. And I remember leaving, looking back at my car, my brand new SUV, everything, I'm like, "Damn, I'm leaving my life behind. My friends, everything." It was a hard day. I didn't even know where I was going. I didn't know anybody. I'd never been to L.A. in my life. So I just did it, and I was like, "Something will work out. I'm bound to meet somebody that's cool." That's how I was raised, you just kind of go with the flow. And I did. I met somebody at the airport, actually, and they gave me a ride. It's a true story. He actually worked at the airport, so he was like, "I'll take you wherever you want to go," and I was like, "I don't really know where I'm going." So he's like, "Well you can stay with me," and I'm like, "Great ... it's already starting." So the second that I got there, I realized I didn't want to be there. Yeah, I wanted to do porn, but I wasn't ready to fuck for a place to stay. I just didn't want to get down like that. So I was like, "I'm out," and he was pissed. He's like, "Where do you want to go?" I'm like, "I don't care. I don't even know where I'm at. Just drop me off at a hotel, I'll figure it out." So he drove me to the ghettoest, I think it was like the Safari Hotel, something bad. The worse got better, because the second I got dropped off—I was crying, I'm like, "I can't do this, my life is over, what am I gonna do?"—I ran into a photographer randomly in the fucking lobby of the hotel that I got booted off at. And he was a photographer for porn, and he saw me all stressed out, and he came and talked to me. He's like, "Look, I have another girl here that's trying to get in the biz, y'all can do a photo shoot tomorrow," and I'm like, "I don't have clothes. I have nothing." He was like, "We'll make it work." So we made it work, printed my pictures out, and the next couple of days, my life was forever changed. I didn't have to worry after that. And looking back on everything that I went through to get here, I would totally do it all over again.

Let me ask you about your breast enhancements.

I've had two. My first one was ... even though I was young, I was still smart, I was still a hustler, and I knew I wanted to get my boobs done immediately. I always wanted big titties, even before porn. I always wanted big, fat, big tits. So my friend in Kentucky before I left was like, "If you ever get a boob job, I'll pay for it." And I'm like, "Give me your number, and I'm gonna take you up on this," and like a year later, I still had his number and I called him, and I was like, "You still remember that time you said you were gonna pay for my boob job, right, back on the porch?" And he was hella cool about it, he paid for it, from Kentucky, sent me money orders and shit. And this was before I knew really how to hustle men. I was just like, "Please?" I wasn't good on my game yet. Then a couple years later, since my boobs were big before, and I went bigger and I didn't have a lift, I felt like I couldn't handle how much they were dropping, and it was just too much boob. I felt like I was gonna knock my face out with them. And I didn't want like the teardrop style, I wanted big titties that I could put like a sandwich on them and take a bite when I needed to. So I went and got another one, and now these are like my babies.

What was it that made you want giant tits so badly?

To me, I've always, always been a girly girl, and I've always been taught that you always should have your nails done and you always should look like a lady, and you would never—I don't give a fuck if a tornado came and tore my house up and everything blew up—I would still have my nails and toes done. Even when I didn't have money, I managed to somehow get my damn toes and nails done every fucking week. To me, that's my thing. I have to do that. Like shaving, I couldn't go too long without shaving, I feel gross. But I like that look, just like a Barbie looks to me, and I always thought Barbie's fucking awesome. And then they came out with the Bratz dolls, and they were even sexier, and I'm like, I wanted to be like a Barbie. I wasn't ever into natural, I wasn't ever into, like, Princess Catherine. I don't think it's attractive to have no boobs, and I don't think it's attractive to be plain, like Plain Jane. Fuck that. I've always been over the top with everything—my nails, ghetto; my fucking hair, super long; titties, extremely big. I can't even do it a little bit. If I'm gonna do it ... go big or go home. That's my motto for everything.

Do you think at whatever point you leave porn that you'll keep them?

Fuck yeah I'm gonna keep them! I would cry without my boobs! I swear, I would rather have my hair and my tits than my car. And I fucking love my car. But if I can't have my hair, there is gonna be a problem. And people are like, "I don't get it, why do you spend so much money on your hair?" And it's like, "I don't tell you what to go spend your fucking money on." I'm smart, I'm not like a splurger, but when it comes to myself, I do like to take care of myself.

Let’s talk about you starting to do anal.

God ... people have been asking me to do anal since the day I got in the business. You know, I didn’t want to start off doing anal because I thought, “That’s too much. I just want to wait a little bit.” And people kept asking me, and I was really nervous; I didn’t know if I could even do it. And when I did it, I was like, “You know what? Maybe I like this.” It’s not that I’m obsessed with it, but I do enjoy it. If you’re a dude and you know what you’re doing, then it’s amazing. It takes two to make a good anal scene.

So how many have you done?

I’ve done it for Jules Jordan—I took Lexington Steele in my ass. It was pretty intense. I mean it was a tree branch, what can I say? Elegant Angel, in Oiled Up. Mike Adriano for Evil Angel. And Brazzers, of course. I haven’t done much. Thank god it’s not back-to-back anal bookings; I couldn’t handle that. You gotta be careful, pace yourself.

When did you start getting tattooed?

My first tattoo was when I was 14.

How did you get a tattoo at 14?

I'm gonna tell you: Long story short, my mom, when I started high school, I told her, "I want a tattoo." I was in eighth grade, and she was like, "No." And I was like, "Yes. I'm getting a tattoo." And she knew I was going to do it anyway, so she's like, "Freshman year, if you get straight As and you make honor roll," which she knew I'd never do, "you can get a tattoo." That fucking year I graduated with honors, and I was straight As, fucking 98.9, nothing below that, and she was like, "Fuck." So there's this picture of me with my braces on, and I'm 14 and my hair is long and I'm sitting there with my mom, and it's like the most classic picture ever, 'cause it's my first tattoo, and I'm so excited. So after that, I didn't get another tattoo until within the [past] year, and it was my sleeve. I didn't start off small. I wanted a sleeve, and my homeboy was a tattoo artist, and he would do it for nothing, 'cause he wanted to do it. He was bored, I was bored, we had time on our hands, why not sleeve me up? And I fucking designed this all myself; everything has a meaning. And I did it in one and a half sittings.

Do you plan to get more?

I want to finish my zombie on my side, I have a zombie piece on my ribs that's eating a plate of brains, and it's like my masterpiece. But it's such an intense piece, and it's so fucking massive, and it's such a lot of work, and I think after this one I'm done for a while. It's the hardest place, and I've gone three times now, and I can do like three-hour sittings, because on your ribs, it fucking feels like your flesh is being ripped off by a pack of wolves. It feels like someone's like taking a knife and pulling your flesh off of you. And I don't understand, because I've been tattooed on my armpit, like everywhere, my elbow, behind my ear, in my ear, on my finger, like everywhere except my eyeball, and that was the most excruciating pain ever. You're not a pussy when you get tattooed on your ribs.

What's something you'd like to do that you haven't done yet?

I want to see Thailand or something. That's my dream. I always wanted to move to Thailand. I'm still trying to learn Thai, it's hard.

What makes you want to move to Thailand?

Well, honestly, Tony Jaa [from] Ong-bak. When I saw that movie, I was touched. I was touched by the way they live, I was touched by their balance, I was touched by the way they just fucking shut everything out in the world. I've always done martial arts, and I really want to learn not just the physical part, I want to learn the mental part. I want to go to Thailand for like two years and throw out my phone, throw out my computer and live the life, and learn to just balance it all out. My plan was to graduate from school and go to Thailand and just live there. It's dirt cheap to live there, the people are hella nice, and it's so beautiful. They just respect life so much more than we do. It makes me kinda sick to look at our country, and it's like, we suck. We take for granted, like, everything. That's how you should live. You should never, ever waste a second. And they love their animals, they love everything. Everything means something. And here people don't give a fuck. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to diss my own country, but I think everyone thinks the grass is greener on the other side. I love everything I have. Even if I don't have a lot, I love it. And thank god I'm not ugly and busted. What would I do if I was missing my teeth or something? It would be horrible. So I'm really thankful that I have the life that I have and I have the body that I have. I didn't ask to be born.

How have you managed to balance school with work?

It’s really hard. I’m not even gonna lie. It’s fucking hard. But honestly, I just managed to find my peace and my center, and get organized. And I made it work, because I really wanted it. Like, I really want to graduate from college more than anything. If you want something bad enough, you’re gonna get it, whatever the cost. There’s always a time and a place for everything—you work hard and then you play hard, you know? But work comes first. Those days are gone where I used to party, party, party and then forget about work. I’m not down with that anymore. You can’t live like that forever. It’ll catch up with you.

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