Daily Beast's Aurora Snow Reviews Porn's 1st Year Under Trump

CYBERSPACE—How did porn performers and producers react to the first year of the Donald Trump term? In a January 1 , reporter (and AVN Hall of Famer) Aurora Snow asked that question—and found that while the adult industry’s bottom line does not seem to have been affected the by Trump’s ascendancy to the highest office in the country, morale among some of porn’s top talent has taken a beating.

Back in 2016, as the Daily Beast story recounted, the possibility that Trump could actually win the presidential election became a personal issue for the porn community, when veteran performer Jessica Drake became the 12th out of what eventually became 20 women to publicly accuse Trump of sexual misconduct toward them.

In October of 2016, to say that Trump grabbed and kissed her without her consent after greeting her in his pajamas in a hotel suite during a 2006 celebrity golf tournament—when he was newly married to his third and current wife, Melania.

After inquiring about her experiences in porn, Trump offered Drake $10,000 to have sex with him, which she declined, according to her allegations.

After the Drake allegations, according to , even porn performers who had supported Trump went silent as the industry solidified its opposition to him.

But according to the New Year’s Day report by Snow, while the revenue streams generate by porn production have not been damaged in the first year of the Trump era, “morale certainly was. Under the care of the Obama administration, the campaign of hope as some called it, porn stars had a sense of security that is currently lacking.”

Snow quoted several active performers expressing their fears about what a Trump administration could yet mean, and has meant, for porn.

“I feel like the country I live in has shifted,” adult star Tasha Reign told the publication. “I don’t feel as protected as I used to. If I was raped at a party, would anyone believe me?”

Adult performer James Bartholet, who recently portrayed a porn version of Trump, told The Daily Beast that Trump’s aggressive use of Twitter to attack his perceived enemies could easily be turned against the adult entertainment community.

“[Trump] puts these tweets out, setting a bad example, making it seem cool to be a bully, saying whatever you want online,” he said. “Bullying can be the cause of deep depression. Being in porn doesn’t give us thick skin. Some of us are fragile and this online bullying has to stop.”

“It’s understandable as a sex worker to be cautious during Trump’s presidency,” adult starlet Alex Harper told the Beast. “He may be the president of the United States, but he’s also the face of sexism, racism, ignorance, bigotry and chauvinism. Those are valid reasons to be afraid of an average Joe, let alone someone with power. That is where the fear lies.”

But not every porn performer quoted in the Daily Beast story was ready to the sound the alarm on Trump. The industry, the say, has seen no real changes since January 20, when the former reality TV star and real estate developer was inaugurated. The porn business is always under some form of political threat, according to performer Anikka Albrite.

“Whether it’s Trump or someone else who wants to shut us down, it’ll come up again,” she told the publication. “With a Republican government and Senate it’s more likely to be serious the next time around.”