Cytherea Continues Comeback With Smash's 'Secretary's Day 5'

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—The Goddess of Gush, as she became known after (literally) bursting onto the porn scene way back in 2003, took one more step toward reclaiming her former glory in the adult universe by shooting one of her trademark squirt-splosive scenes Sunday for Smash Pictures' Secretary's Day 5.

The scene was one of only a handful Cytherea has shot since deciding to launch a comeback in 2010 after four years away from the business. (She also appeared in Sean Michaels' Bottom Line 2 for Buttman Magazine Choice/Evil Angel, and did scenes for the forthcoming second and third installments of Erica McLean's The Flying Pink Pig from Cal Vista/Metro). In this case, she performed a three-way with Bill Bailey and Fresh Off the Busser Lylith Lavey.

"It was nervewracking," Cytherea told AVN. "They were really quiet, I didn't talk to them much [beforehand], and then things started warming up and we started the scene out, and it was hot! It was nervewracking because I hadn't done it in a while. Hopefully this will show that I haven't lost my touch and I'm doing things well."

Cytherea said she was recruited for the job when she happened to run into Smash Owner Dan Quinn at the Hustler Club in Las Vegas, where she now resides.

"He asked me if I was still working and said I looked great," she expounded. "I said yes, and next thing I knew, they signed me up for Secretary's Day 5 and they flew me out."

In the hopes of landing more gigs—and reconnecting with some familiar faces—Cytherea has another trip planned to L.A. in late May.

"I want to come out and talk with people and let them know that I'm back," she said. "I haven't seen some people for a while, I've got close friends that are out there still, so I'd like to visit them too."

In the meantime, she's keeping the world updated on her activities via a blog on her new website, .

"I just got it going a couple of months ago, and I've got great content," she said. "Lucky, my webmaster, came down just a couple of weeks ago and we shot some pictures at Red Rock and did a few others in a really nice timeshare condo. And I write in the blog at least once a week."

She added that soon she will be offering cam shows on the site, as well.

Look for Secretary's Day 5 at stores and online retail outposts July 15.