Combat Zone's Rebekah Nazarian Featured on MTV's 'True Life'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Rebekah Nazarian, who is the executive assistant to Combat Zone president Dion Giarrusso, is the subject of the latest episode of MTV’s “True Life.”

The popular documentary series tells the real-life stories of “young people and the unusual subcultures they inhabit.” The episode about Nazarian debuted Wednesday night and will re-air six times during the next several days, including broadcasts at 10:30 tonight and 9 p.m. Saturday.

“True Life” producers discovered the 22-year-old Nazarian in 2007 when she was surfing the Internet researching ways to promote Combat Zone and wrote an email to the show about her unique job.

“The casting people talked to me for two months and decided I’d be OK for the story. I started talking to them in late September, and they started following me in November,” Nazarian said. “They would follow me once to three times a week.”

Nazarian, who started working in adult when she was 19, has been at for a year and two months.

“They followed me for a whole day at work. They actually followed me for four months. It was kind of weird because four months turned into 15 minutes on the show. I wasn’t sure how they were going to edit it.”

Nazarian said a portion of her story is devoted to how she has trouble meeting “normal guys" because of her profession. “They think I’m slutty and it’s like I’m the opposite,” she joked.

Combat Zone, which specializes in gonzo porn featuring new girls, receives plenty of exposure on the show.

“They say Combat Zone five times and Dion is on there a couple times, as my mentor who is teaching me the business,” Nazarian said. “We’ve gotten so much positive feedback. Some people have even written in and said they want to do an internship here. A lot of people are interested in Combat Zone because of the show and they’re serious. Everyone wants to work here now.”

Another part of the segment on Nazarian focuses on her job promotion in which she was given more responsibilities in addition to being Giarrusso’s assistant. Now she also pulls shifts as production manager and 2257 record keeper, as well as handling some of the licensing for the company.

“I’m like six people in one body,” she said.

The East Los Angeles-native said the show helped her open up to people about her career choice.

“I think it was a huge thing for me. Originally, before the show I didn’t tell people what I did for a living. I would say, ‘Yeah, I’m a makeup artist and I have a clothing line.’ Now everyone in the world knows what I do. It was something I wanted to get off my chest.”

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