Canadian Party Girls' 'Uncensored Reality Tour' Launches

ONTARIO, CN—Television viewers in the U.S. are used to reality shows set in exotic places, but now, Canada has its own new reality series: the Canadian Party Girls 'Uncensored Reality Tour' has officially set out across the country. The company, described by some as a "Girls Gone Wild style" series crossed with a reality TV show, takes viewers on a tour across Canada with three sexy hosts, showcasing the drama and excitement to be found at some of the hottest parties and nightclubs the north country has to offer.

“But it’s much more than that. It’s like one big reality series. Each episode/video continues from the last, and you get to really follow the characters and see how everything unfolds on and off the tour. I want to bridge the gap between adult and mainstream,” said Steve Marczak, owner/founder of Canadian Party Girls Inc. “We just wrapped up production of our launch party in Toronto at Faces Nightclub, and we’re gearing up for Montreal and Ottawa, Canada’s capital next. After that, we head out to the West Coast for filming that should include Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and a ski party at Whistler. It’s definitely been an amazing experience so far.”

For quite some time, the Canadian entrepreneur has worked diligently to build the company brand and secure funding for the tour and series. Fast-forward to 2017, Marczak is now working with an experienced production crew, producers, directors and three hosts that are no strangers to the spotlight.

The hosts that are traveling alongside Marcazk on the tour include Kayla, who was a Miss Bikini Canada runner-up and host, as well as a Playboy host who also plays the lead in the music video by My Darkest Days entitled Move Your Body along with many other appearances. Another host is Veronika London, who starred in the HBO series Lingerie, and feature film Searching For Angels with Viveca A. Fox. Maxim magazine dubbed London the “Megan Fox of Hollywood North.”

And finally, there's Ashley Sky.

“She’s our official girl next door,” Marczak stated. “I picked her out of a haystack, she never saw it coming,”

Ashley responded, “I just woke up one day on a reality show and video series.” Also on board is Bex, Steve’s assistant and casting director turned model, after she gave her first modeling shoot a try during their production and blew everyone away.

“She is definitely a very talented and beautiful girl. I was so glad she got in front of the camera,” said Steve.

The series also focuses on the girls that come to their studio to shoot "The Bedroom Set" scenes which are sexy one-on-one solo scenes where anything goes. The company has also incorporated a one-of-a-kind ongoing contest called "" for its members where they can actually win a chance to come and direct the girls through their solo scenes.

"We really wanted to be interactive with our fans, and what better way than to give them a chance to get involved with our shoot?" remarked Steve. "We also have our "" contest where fans can win a chance to come party with us on our tour and meet their favorite hosts."

“The show won’t just be about the girls. It’s a business story too, so you’ll get to see how I started the company and how it’s run on a day-to-day basis, along with behind the scenes footage," explained Steve. "We also run bloopers during our credits which is something I have not seen in the adult industry. I’ve been through an abundance of bad luck and setbacks over the years; however, my hard work and dedication is what helped bring this show and tour to fruition. It’s been an awesome experience working with some of the hottest models in Canada, and we’re all excited to have finished filming so we can show everyone the hottest and wildest parties in Canada, chock full of drama, excitement, and of course lots of sexy action.”

Canadian Party Girls have also announced they are starting production on their web series "" which will cover more of the day-to-day operations and drama and go even deeper into the personal lives of the company and its girls, and a post recap series called "."

"We have also had a lot of American fans who have expressed interest in an American tour so we are proud to announce we are planning a spinoff series entitled 'American Party Girls' that will tour the United States with a combination of new American hosts and one or two of our own, along with the same accompanying web series," Steve revealed.

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