Bonnie Rotten Talks About Her Latest Productions

Blessed with a magnetic personality that draws people in, Bonnie Rotten is much more than just a pretty face or perfect body. It’s the contradictions that make her persona intriguing. Of course, there’s her soft and pretty face contrasted by a body covered in edgy tattoos. She's a woman who’s traveled around the United States, Europe and Africa, yet she’s doesn’t drive a car. She’s sweet and warm to colleagues and fans, yet she’s a tough businesswoman who wants control of her own destiny.

Where did it all begin? When she turned 18, Rotten started dancing back in her home state of Ohio. Just shy of her 19th birthday she did a handful of adult shoots for smaller companies like Dirty Diablos and—“little random things to get the feel of the industry,” Rotten said. But then came her big break with the New Sensations star showcase Meet Bonnie. That auspicious introduction led to her being a trophy girl at the 2013 AVN Awards Show, after which she won Female Performer of the Year in 2014.

Since then she’s started her own production company, done a deal for a toy line with pleasure product giant Pipedream Products, and been tapped to be a director in the Elegant Angel stable. In addition, Rotten now has a series of six titles being released directly by Juicy Entertainment, starting this week with Slutty Bikini Girls.

And that’s not all. By the time the 2016 AVN Awards Show rolls around, the 22-year-old star will be married and the mother of a brand-new baby.

Fans who follow Rotten on Twitter have seen hints of her new romance and impending motherhood. But the adult star hadn’t yet talked to reporters about her plans for the future.

Earlier this year Rotten met and fell in love with new beau Dennis DiSantis, and the romance barreled ahead with the same speed as her career.

Rotten’s new man was comfortable with her career, but something had changed for her.

“I loved performing—it was my heart and soul,” Rotten said. “You’ve watched my scenes—you know how much I enjoyed it. Once I met him, when I would do a scene it was not the same for me. I was calling him from the bathroom and I just felt really sad and awkward.”

Rotten firmly said that she never felt any external pressure to stop doing boy/girl scenes. “He never told me to stop performing. He’d say, ‘If you want to stop performing, then you stop performing. But I’m not going to tell you to.’ And I said, ‘Well, I kind of want you to tell me, because this is a hard decision for me to make.’”

But soon Rotten made her decision. “I said, ‘I think I just want to do girls.’ So I started doing girls, and we started trying to get pregnant—and three weeks later I was pregnant.”

Her fans will be relieved to know that they will still be able to see Rotten in movies that are in the pipeline. In addition to her scene with Riley Reid in Slutty Bikini Girls, there are boy/girl scenes in movies still to be released, among them Bonnie vs. Rocco (Evil Angel), Lock and Load (Digital Playground) and Sex Symbols 2 (Airerose Entertainment). But much of this year she has concentrated on directing.

“I think I’m going to shoot a couple more before January, but it’s just harder being on set because I’m very involved in every little thing that goes on. I shoot second camera; I’m making sure the photos are happening. I have a schedule by the minute of what’s going on. … Is this girl in make-up? Is this girl here? If this girl’s not here, then I have to stop everything and get on the phone and find out why she’s not here. … I always leave an hour’s worth of leeway at the end of the day because I know it’s going to get eaten up.”

Among her Elegant titles are Inked Squirt (her first), Busty Pin Ups (her favorite so far) and Young & Natural, with a box cover that features Keisha Grey, one of Rotten’s favorites. This celebration of natural beauties also features Karlee Grey, Whitney Westgate and Sydney Cole. And coming August 31 is Squirt in My Gape 4, starring Casey Calvert, Danica Dillon, Maddy O'Reilly, Mia Li, Ziggy Star and Selma Sins.

In September Bonnie Rotten unleashes Supersquirt 6, featuring Nina Elle, A.J. Applegate, Karla Kush, Marica Hase, Annie Cruz and Zoey Monroe, with Veronica Avluv on the cover—a performer truly worthy of the series title.

“This is a cover for my next movie for Elegant,” Rotten said, showing the Supersquirt 6 cover. “Veronica Avluv. I love her, I love her so much. She’s very fun and she’s very real and she has the best energy of any girl in the business.”

“And tomorrow I get the trailer for White Booty,” she said. “That one was fun. That is an all-interracial movie.… Anikka [Albrite] is in it—she is on the cover, which is awesome—and Maddy O’Reilly. Richelle Ryan—she’s really cool. I like her a lot—big football fan. A.J. Applegate—great little booty on her. I was happy about that one. It comes out in September.”

Juicy Entertainment salesperson Danny G. couldn’t be more thrilled to have exclusive distribution on six brand-new Bonnie Rotten productions. The first of the six titles, Slutty Bikini Girls, starts shipping August 26.

“Not only is she starring in the movie along with Riley Reid, she also produced and directed the title,” he said. “All of the six titles are directed by Bonnie. As hot as you know her as a performer, she has transferred that energy over to her directing style. These movies don’t fool around; they get right to the point. … Each scene is pushed to the limit.”

Slutty Bikini Girls features Rachael Madori, Paris Lincoln and Sophie Grace. Rotten mentioned that she also shot Rachael Madori again—that time with Toni Ribas for another Juicy movie that is coming out a little later in the fall that is titled Pretty Young and Tight.

As a director she looks for locations where she can “shoot a lot of things outside … I like to have a lot of light, natural light. And I look for uniqueness. I don’t want every single room to be white.”

When it comes to choosing female performers, Rotten said, “Obviously, I shoot girls with big names.” But she has her personal preferences. “I like girls who have pretty eyes—that’s one thing for me. I don’t really care for hair extensions or things like that. If a girl has a boob job or a butt job, that’s fine, but I like a more natural size. ... Personality is a big thing because I want to be able to enjoy my time with that girl being on set. I don’t want to have to tiptoe around a girl; I don’t want the girl to be a diva.”

What about the guys she chooses? “I’m not about all the guys having giant dicks.” Rotten said. “I always look for guys who have a great attitude. I don’t want to deal with divas, because guys can be almost bigger divas than girls.”

Getting specific, Rotten said, “Will Powers is one of my favorite guys to shoot. Will comes in, and he’s eating an apple with a smile on his face … He’s goofy, fun, a lovable guy. And he does a great scene. He doesn’t fuck up the cum shot, he doesn’t bust early, he’s not impotent or he can’t get it hard—he always does a great job, and I believe he’s very underrated. I love Will Powers. I would shoot him in every movie.”

As a director, Rotten has learned the importance of hiring a reliable male performer. “A girl can suck, and you can put her with a great performer like Manuel [Ferrara] or Toni [Ribas] or Ramon [Nomar]; they’re going to make it a great scene.”

She also mentioned on a conversation she had with Rocco Siffredi, with whom she recently made the movie Bonnie vs. Rocco. He had talked about how some male performers confuse being rough with being passionate. “I didn’t understand where he was coming from at the time,” she recalled. “He said, ‘You don’t have to smack a girl on the face to be passionate, to make the scene. You can look in a girl’s eyes and have that passion with her, and you can do a crazy scene with her, but you don’t have to beat her down.’ But I had to experience that and feel that for myself to really get what he was talking about. Then I started noticing it—that some guys use being rough as a copout.”

Asked about who inspires her behind the camera, Rotten said, “Mike Adriano was one of the first people who made me want to direct. We actually did a scene trade—I did a scene for him and he did a scene for me in Anal Candy Disco Chicks [a Mental Beauty title distributed by Girlfriends Films]. … I started talking to him in the beginning and said I had an interest in this and he said, ‘Keep working at it, keep doing your thing.’”

She also mentioned a predecessor at Elegant Angel. “I always enjoyed working with William H. because he’s such a nice guy, very soft-spoken. … He always has such beautiful, beautiful product in the end. And he did a lot of the squirt movies for Elegant back in the day, so that was something really cool for me to do the titles that he did before, because it was like I’m in one of my favorite director’s shoes right now.”

After her baby is born, Rotten said, “I’m just going to continue to direct and produce and be on the road for feature dancing. It’s crazy. I was traveling four times a month to do it. I was booked from January through to April of 2016.”

For now she’s had to cancel some of those gigs, but she’s already looking to get back on the road. “I’ve started booking for next year. I booked three jobs for April and June. It’s a lot of fun. You get to go out, go to a different town. I’m a foodie, so I love trying the local food, going to the local big spot.”

And most important, there’s the chance to meet fans. “It’s really cool—some guys will come with books, photo albums that they’ve been collecting photos for 10 years. Or some guys will come in with 20 DVDs for you to sign. You just have all these great fans in different areas. Some of these guys can’t make it to AVN. … So it’s cool to meet these people all over the country.”

She’ll also keep up her website. “I own my domain. I got that before I was even in the business. And another thing is, I got trademarked from the beginning—on everything. When you start a company, that’s very important.”

Rotten also went into detail about why she got into the business, and how she feels about that decision now. “I was stripping and doing all that stuff. I was in a very adult-oriented environment. And then I started doing fetish modeling—it was kind of like, I’m having all this sex, I get naked, what’s the difference? I’m going to try to excel, try to be big in this community where it’s celebrated rather than looked down on. I’m from Ohio, where somebody could be doing the exact same thing [privately], but you’re the slut for doing it. To be in a community where it’s embraced, and to be celebrated and to be able to do all these things, it was really cool.”

Also, practically speaking, given the fact that by age 17 she was heavily tattooed and hadn’t gotten her G.E.D., “It was either be a stripper or a model or work in fast food. It’s funny, because a lot of fast food restaurants wouldn’t even hire me because of my tattoos.… I’m not saying I was forced into a decision or forced into a choice, but all the things were stacked in favor of being in the adult industry.”

She continued, “People ask me, ‘Are you ashamed?’ I have nothing to be ashamed of. Is it going to be hard to explain to my child, once she’s old enough to understand what’s going on? Yes, it’s going to be hard to explain. But I’m going to do my best to show her that there are positives to our industry and to me doing what I did. Maybe don’t go down the same path … but if you did do it, I wouldn’t hate you and I wouldn’t shun you and I wouldn’t think less of you, because my family didn’t do that.”