AVN Exclusive: Montana Fishburne Speaks

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—AVN conducted a telephone interview with Montana Fishburne this morning about her upcoming self-titled Vivid Entertainment movie and the media whirlwind she's incited by stepping into adult.

Fishburne expressed ample glee about her impending XXX debut and addressed some of the rumors that have swirled about her in cyperspace over the week since first broke.

AVN's interview with Fishburne follows:

AVN: What do you think of this media frenzy you've caused?

Montana Fishburne: It's exciting. I mean, I'm really excited to promote my movie ... I'm just really happy that it's getting a buzz. It sucks that I have to be so controversial, but I hope everyone supports the movie and likes it.

AVN: You've said that you were a porn fan before you decided to do this—how much of a fan would you say you were?

MF: I don't want to say necessarily a "fan," but I was into my sexuality and exploring the porn world. I wanted to know more about it. So I was just starting to get into it and now I would say I'm getting to be a fan, and I'm really into it.

AVN: What is it that fascinates you so much about it?

MF: I just think everything is so fun and free-spirited and curious. I feel like you can be so free and open, and I like that in everything I do.

AVN: Are you planning on pursuing porn further after this Vivid movie?

MF: Yeah, I'm talking with them about making another one, and I'm starting a website soon. I don't know what kind of content will be on it yet, though, if it will be hardcore or what.

AVN: What kind of stuff are you open to doing and will we be seeing you do in the Vivid movie?

MF: This movie is just straight sex, but you may look forward to threesomes, maybe anal, girl-on-girl.

AVN: We heard a rumor that in fact you do anal in the Vivid movie ... is that true?

MF: Yes.

[background activity overheard]

MF: Oh my god, this is what I've been waiting for ... ooh, I'm so excited! I just got a Vivid necklace!

AVN: Is there some possibility Vivid is trying to make you an exclusive contract girl for them?

MF: They haven't talked to me about it, but that would be an amazing offer.

AVN: Initially you were quoted as saying that you got into this because you saw it as a way of jump-starting your career and following in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian, but you've since said it was purely because you wanted to do porn—which would you say is the more accurate reason?

MF: It's kind of hard to explain. I wanted to do porn, and that is the way I wanted to come into the entertainment industry. If I decide to go another path, this is just the way I started. It's a big milestone in my career, and this is the way I started, just how I feel like Kim's sex tape was a milestone in jump-starting her career. I mean, I can't speak for her, but for me, this is my jump-start because I wanted to do porn, and that's why I came to Vivid directly.

AVN: Are you aware of the rumors that have popped up about your arrest record?

MF: That's all a misunderstanding. I got arrested, but it was on the wrong charge. I was convicted of trespassing ... it all got cleared up when I went to court, so it's not even an issue.

AVN: What about dealing with this with your family and friends—have you talked to any of them about what you're doing since all of this media ruckus has happened?

MF: I've talked to some of my family. My parents love me, and they just want me to be happy. They're not necessarily supportive, but they love me and I think that they'll turn it around into a positive thing.

AVN: So if in fact you were going to try to parlay this into any other aspect of the entertainment industry, what would you be interested in doing?

MF: I think modeling, and then probably just starting my own business. I don't know what kind of business yet, but...

AVN: Is there anything you want to let the world know about yourself, or any misconceptions you want to clear up?

MF: I mean, all the rumors you can't believe. Whatever I say out of my mouth is what needs to be [considered] the truth, and know that that's what's real. I'm in porn because I wanted to be, and I'm excited about my movie coming out August 10.

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