Andrew Blake Reinvents Himself With New 'Night Trips'

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. – Erotic filmmaker Andrew Blake is moving in a new direction with Night Trips: A Dark Odyssey, starring Paola Rey, a 21st century take on his 1989 breakthrough movie.

“I’m going to weave a lot of boy-girl stuff into this,” Blake told AVN. “I haven’t been doing a lot of that in recent years but I decided to throw myself back into that for a little while. I’d like to kind of reinvent myself after all these years.”

In the course of an interview at his Studio A Entertainment headquarters, Blake told AVN he wanted “to get more into the swing of things again, in terms of the whole industry. I was kind of veering off into this direction that was satisfying to me, but the audience seems to want boy-girl scenes. So if they want them we’re going to give it to them. I think I can rise to the occasion.”

So far he has shot about half the movie, at the pace of one scene a week. That includes “a lot of glamour stuff” with the beauteous Ms. Rey and a sex scene in a swimming pool between her and male newcomer Aaron Wilcox. Also in the cast are Faye Reagan, star of Paid Companions, the latest Studio A release, and brand-new Kelly Summer, a willowy blue-eyed brunette from Canada.

Blake shoots everything on Super 16 film—“the original High Def medium, as far as I’m concerned.”

In the original Night Trips, a young woman played by Tori Welles was hooked up to machines in a doctor’s office that made her erotic dreams visible. In the new version, “I’m taking it more in the line of the rehab of a sexual addict. So she’ll be seeing a shrink, a kinky shrink—well, they’re all kinky,” he shrugged.

The shrink, played by Otto Bauer, receives a blowjob from Natasha Nice.

“I’m going to have the whole thing connect through a story line,” Blake said, “but it will be a visual story line. I’m not going to have dialogue, I’m just not a dialogue director. And the women are sexual performers, not theatrical performers.

“I’d rather just go with the strengths than the weaknesses. I think I can tell a story with just pictures. It will be surrealistic and abstract, but you’ll get the idea. It’s not like I’m going to be so obtuse that nobody’s going to understand it. Which has maybe been a problem in the past, I’ve been too abstract, maybe.”

Night Trips caused a sensation when Caballero released it in 1989, making Andrew Blake an instant brand name and adult’s most sought-after director.

“I feel very fortunate to have that happen,” he said. “I think young people coming into the business now have a really hard time to make a brand for themselves, because there’s just so much stuff out there. Everybody wants to be a director.”

Blake’s recent work has been short scenes posted first on his membership site, then collected for DVD release. But he will deviate from that pattern for Night Trips: A Dark Odyssey. “We’re going to try to maximize the DVD potential, then put it on the website,” where members who want a High Definition version will be able to download it. “I’m not planning to do any Blu-ray releasing. I think that’s going to go the way of the CD-ROM or the laserdisc, because the Internet is so much quicker and better.”

He acknowledges that “DVD sales are really problematic because of DVD ripping and piracy—it’s up on the Internet two weeks after I’ve released it. I wish we could go back ten years—but you can’t. You either evolve or you vanish.”

Blake plans to release Night Trips: A Dark Odyssey on DVD in late November.

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