An Interview with Gabriella Fox

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – When Gabriella Fox isn’t on a movie set getting ready for her next scene, there is a good chance she is at home with her animals. The 19-year-old starlet lives on a half-acre of land in the heart of Porn Valley, and tending to the barn is part of what she likes to do in her free time.

“I have two horses, a miniature donkey, two goats, three pigs, four dogs, three cats,” Fox told AVN in her first interview since signing an exclusive contract with Digital Playground. “I’ve always liked being around animals since I was little. I’ve ridden horses since I was 7 and we’ve just always had them. Ever since we moved into this house three years ago we kept getting a bunch of farm animals.”

Fox would prefer that horses live lives of leisure and not be bred for racing.

“I’d rather have them as pets, spoiled and fat in the backyard,” she said.

Just like Fox’s pigs that often play in her plastic kiddy pool.

“I used to bring my old one in the house and my mom would freak,” she joked. “They’re really good pets. They’re like dogs, they’re really smart.”

They’re also really territorial and obedient, Fox added.

“Mine sits and take treats when you put it by their nose and say sit down,” she said.

Fox enjoys outdoor activities, whether she is jogging, hiking or fishing. “I love to fish,” she said.

A native of nearby West Hills, Fox is practically brand new to the adult industry with just six scenes on her resume in less than two months. She shot twice with Digital Playground before the company decided to sign her. Among her early work for the Van Nuys-based studio is a scene with Marco Banderas in the upcoming Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge, in which she played a belly dancer.

"Marco didn't know it was only my third scene so he was pretty shocked. But he was really nice," Fox said. She also stars in director Robby D.’s Gabriella: Sexy Hot scheduled for a late summer release.

She revealed that a career in the adult industry had been on her mind for some time before she decided to go for it.

“I thought maybe I should try it. ... I love it. The people are fun to work with. They’re all comforting and it’s been fun,” Fox said.

Her first sex scene was in a yet-to-be-released Robby D. movie with European stud Ramon Nomar.

“I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. But once it was over I was like, it wasn’t that bad,” Fox said.

Digital Playground publicist Adella O’Neal says the seemingly shy Fox transforms when it’s showtime.

“It’s almost like there’s a light that goes on. She just loves it,” O’Neal said.

Fox, who is of Chilean descent, attended a public high school for six months before she decided she liked home schooling better.

“I was really independent so it wasn’t hard for me,” she said.

Both her parents know she is pursuing a career in adult entertainment.

“I told my Dad last week, he was a little shocked at first. He was like, ‘What are you, a stripper?’ But he’s fine with it now. They’re supportive. I’d rather have them know.”

The 5-foot-1 stunner professes a love for sushi, scary movies, hip-hop and country music. She also likes the films Spanglish and White Chicks, and the TV show “CSI.

“I’ve seen every episode,” she admitted.

This Thursday and Friday she will continue her blossoming career in three sex scenes. She said she would be open to working with other girls in the future though so far she has only shared scenes with men.

“I haven’t yet, but I would,” Fox said. “I’ve kissed my old best friend in front of guys for fun, but that’s basically it.”

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