After Two-Year Hiatus, Kara Price Is Back & Ready for Action

LOS ANGELES—Kara Price was excited. She'd just wrapped her first scene in a long time for Dogfart Productions, an IR with Shane Diesel, directed by Jim Kemp, and besides the fact that this was Kara's first interracial scene, the coupling had an extra surprise: "Did the anal! Yay! Scene was amazing!" she wrote in an email last week.

Internet Adult Film Database.

"They only list about 50 titles for me," Kara lamented, "which is not true at all. I've shot at least 30 times for Girlfriends Films alone, maybe more than that, but more than half the scenes I've shot go directly online, and that stuff doesn't get picked up by IAFD. They say I've done less than 10 movies for Girlfriends Films, which is like, 'Whoa, where did all the others go?'"

But the as-yet-untitled movie for Dogfart is Kara's official comeback movie.

"It's been about two years since I performed in a movie, or maybe a little bit longer," she admitted. "It's been a long time. My last role was very likely in either a Girlfriends or a Mike Quasar movie, but since I don't know the release dates of those, that may not be true. I mean, Girlfriends just released two movies I was in quite a while ago.

"I love working for Mike Quasar, because he's fucking funny," she added. "The guy is great. There was this one scene where I'm coming into a house, you know, and I said, 'What do you want me to say as I'm knocking? You know, I knock on the door and the guy answers the door, and what do you want me to say?' And he's like, 'I don't know. Say anything. Just make sure that they know that you don't have a suitcase pimp and that you're here to fuck some mope.' So I knock on the door and I go, 'Hi, I'm Kara Price and I don't have a suitcase pimp and I'm here to fuck that mope. Let me in!' And he kept that in the movie! I thought he would say 'No,' but he was like, 'That's great!'"

Kara's also a big fan of Nacho Vidal.

"He's one of my favorite guys to work with," she said. "I haven't worked with that many guys, which is pretty sad. I love shooting boy/girl; I love dick. I think, because I'm so skinny, I really wasn't that marketable for boy/girl, but I've been working out a lot and now I've got a much bigger butt (see photos above), and I'm very proud of it. I'm very proud of my booty, and I'm really into anal, too. I really like anal sex. Also, I like boys over toys, definitely—but I mean, who doesn't?"

But IR is definitely on her agenda, and she's got several IR scenes scheduled over the coming months—and besides another fave partner, Manuel Ferrara, she said she'd "love to work with Prince," which we took to mean Yahshua rather than "the artist formerly known as..."

As for female performers, she's got a couple of favorites there as well.

"Phoenix Marie—I love her because she is so hot and I just love all the dirty things she says, and she is amazing at the sex," Kara summed up. "I've only shot with her one time and I would love to shoot with her again; it was amazing! She's also so nice. I hired her when I directed, and I also shot with her, and both times, she gave me some of her clothes. She's like, 'Here; I'm totally not going to wear this.' ... She gave me a skirt that probably cost like $100; she just gives me stuff, and who does that? She's just so nice and so sweet, and I get the feeling she really wants to be there and that she really wants to fuck, which is exactly what porn is supposed to be. I guess that's how I feel about Phoenix: She's what porn's supposed to be, so I hope somebody casts me with her. I love her."

Actually, Kara hasn't been totally out of the porn biz, just the movie part of it.

"Over the last couple of years, I have shot some of my own scenes and put them up on video-on-demand sites like MakeLoveNotPorn," she noted. "I've done that here and there; it's been really, really fun. I shot an outdoor solo scene with one shot of me masturbating in a glass elevator. I've actually been very financially successful with that site as well. So I really enjoy doing those solo scenes, and I've also done a girl/girl scene that I put up on the VOD site as well."

But the fact is, she's itchy to get back in front of a good director and decent camera operator (which these days is often one and the same) so she can get it on with some of the friends she's been missing these many months—and anyone who wants to hire her to do that won't have to go through an agent: Kara self-books, and she can be contacted here.