Adult Performer Voodoo Sacked After Skydiving Shag

BAKERSFIELD, Calif.—A five-minute “mile high” skydive videotaped by longtime male porn star Voodoo in order to get Howard Stern’s attention is getting a lot more attention than the “stunt cock” expected. Not only has Voodoo lost his job as a part-time instructor at Skydive Taft, but the Federal Aviation Administration is now investigating the incident to see if the pilot of the plane from which Voodoo and his partner jumped was distracted because of sexual shennigans taking place while the pair was still in the plane. If he had been, it could be a violation of FAA regulations.

Voodoo’s partner, Skydive Taft receptionist Hope Howell, who appears to be having the time of her life in the video, even claiming an in-air orgasm as the two shagged their way to the ground, may also lose her job, though the owner of the company, David Chrouch, said he has not made up his mind about that just yet.

Not surprisingly, Chrouch told NBC News affiliate station that he doesn’t think the pilot was distracted.

"No I wasn't concerned," he said. "He was in complete control of the plane at all times. I mean he looked back a couple of times. The same thing he does if there are other skydivers in the plane. He is going to look back, he's going to look around to see what everyone is doing."

“[Ian Gregor], a spokesman with the Federal Aviation Administration says there is no explicit policy on sexual conduct on private planes,” reported KGET. “But Gregor says any activity that could affect a pilot's ability to concentrate on flying or cause the pilot to be jostled could constitute a violation of federal aviation regulations.”

The manner in which the video, which Voodoo had posted to his website but has since removed, was brought to the world’s attention is also problematic. The Taft Police Department began investigating the incident after a student at a local school started sending the video to other kids in the school.

"One teenage boy saw it, was upset at the girl in the video, and took it and posted it to all of his friends,” said Lieutenant Ed Whiting of the Taft Police Department.

The police contacted Chrouch, who was not aware that it had been shot surreptitiously early in the morning, and the fallout ensued.

"This shouldn't have happened. And it won't ever happen again, that's for sure,” said Crouch. Still, no charges will be filed in the case, according to the police, since no one has officially filed a complaint about either the video or the skydive, which no one but the participants themselves were able to experience in person.

No word on whether Howard has seen the video and if so, was suitably impressed. Voodoo has been in adult since 1999, and has amassed an impressive 530 credits as a performer, according to .

In 2009, a mid-air blow job performed by porn star Puma Swede on helicopter pilot David Marz led to the of his license by the FAA. In that situation, Swede confessed to the inappropriate head, even though her heart (if not her mouth) was apparently in the right place.

An uncensored version of the Voodoo video is available .

Photo: Voodoo and Hope Howell as they begin their descent