Adult Cartoon Star Brickhouse Betty Gets a Website

Adult animation star Brickhouse Betty is getting her own Website. Voiced by Jacklyn Jeanean, Betty has been featured on numerous Websites over the past six months, with new cartoons released on a regular basis. To help keep the ball rolling and generate revenue without having to charge patrons to see Betty cartoons, Betty's crew has launched . The site welcomes all partnership inquiries, as well as co-branding proposals.

"Most of the cartoons have run on initially, where Betty debuted world-wide in January," Betty creator Sven told "Because of her growing popularity we have launched Betty’s own site and started making exclusive content. We crank cartoons out as fast as we can for our growing fan base."

"The site offers what we feel is one of the best adult cartoons on the Web. Not only is it sexy and funny, but the characters are also very unique and well drawn," Sven explained. "If a cartoon is well done its almost always part of a series that requires a lot of time and dedication on the part of the viewer. I like our patrons to be laughing immediately and reach the punch line in less than 90 seconds, which also means you can watch it at work and not get busted."

"Betty is mindless erotic entertainment," said associate creative director Angus. "Don’t get me wrong, technically she is very well done. But Betty is a character that everyone can get a kick out of. She is very likable and innocent. She’s simple and fun."

Betty's crew is currently building the "I'm a Total Betty" section of the site, which will feature real adult industry models, amateur and professional, emulating Betty. All of the pages in this section will be co-branded with the site the individual model represents. “That means more traffic for everyone involved,” the creators said. Send inquiries to [email protected].

"We’re also developing a lot of licensing merchandise so that the site can remain free," Sven said. "We invite anyone interested in advertising or merchandising to contact us. We don’t want to charge for Betty, but we sure would love to see our fans sporting her image.

"We’re also kicking the idea of a game section around," Angus chimed in. "Someone could go to the site, log in, play several different games like strip poker, strip blackjack, slots, etc. They can accumulate points, and then redeem them for great Betty prizes."

"I want to see Betty’s popularity continue to grow so that everyone in the adult film industry starts saying, 'She’s a Total Betty,' when a good-looking woman walks by," Sven said. "We would also like to form some partnerships in the industry so Betty sticks around for a long time to come. My ultimate goal? I would like to see Betty shorts before the feature presentation on adult videos, just like in the old matinees, but in people’s bedrooms."

Added Angus: “I would love to see Betty present an AVN award.”