With 'Jailhouse Heat', Digital Playground Takes the 3D Plunge

VAN NUYS, Calif.—Releasing movies in 3D is still a new concept in the adult industry, with so far only Hustler and Penthouse shipping 3D titles on a regular basis. But that may be about to change, as Digital Playground today revealed that it will be releasing its first 3D title, Jailhouse Heat 3D... and without the 'safety nets' that the other companies have employed.

"We're not releasing it in anaglyph; we're only doing it as a true Blu-ray 3D," stated Joone, Digital Playground's co-founder. "When you try to watch it in anaglyph, it just doesn't look the same, and I think it takes away from it, and I think the consumer needs to see it in true 3D. [With anaglyph], the 3D's not the same, the colors change and it just doesn't look good."

For those who haven't followed the progress of 3D, "anaglyph" refers to the system that requires the viewer to wear red-and-blue or red-and-green glasses to see the movie in 3D. 3D aficionados will certainly applaud DP for making that choice... but that's not the half of it.

"We won't be releasing it in 2D, either," Joone continued. "I think it takes away from the movie. I think it's kind of like, 'You've got to see this in 3D!' And as a company that makes feature films and finished goods, and wants to keep that retail course going, I think consumers need to see that, 'Hey, this is a great product that I can't get anywhere else.'"

Indeed; releasing only the Blu-ray 3D version of the film practically guarantees that it won't be pirated, since the technology needed to separate the two images combined on the Blu-ray platter is not generally accessible to would-be pirates. Of course, for consumers to see the movie properly, they'll need either a Blu-ray player, a Sony Playstation 3D or some other true 3D home system, as well as a 3D TV or monitor... so we're guessing that DP is counting on a lot of people getting 3D TVs for the holidays. (All the better to watch the "big game" on ESPN's 3D satellite channels, which have been providng 3D sports content for nearly a year.)

"It's an investment in our own industry, I think," Joone admitted. "We think the 3D is the big star of this movie. We have a great cast, the sex is great, all of that, it's all there, but the 3D is the big star."

Indeed; the only place viewers will be able to see any 2D content from the movie is the DP has placed on its website—and it's a hoot!

And in case anyone was wondering, Jailhouse Heat 3D is definitely worth watching. The movie features six piping hot sex scenes, including one girl/girler—Alyssa Reece and Sienna West—three boy/girl scenes with Kiana Dior and Marco Banderas, Jayden James and Manuel Ferrara and even some anal action with Madison Parker and Anthony Rosano, plus two threeways: Jenna Haze, Kenzie Marie and Evan Stone, and London Keyes, Tommy Gunn and Nick Manning.

Digital Playground arranged an exclusive showing of excerpts from the movie, that was attended by both press and several local distributors, and the comments from that audience were overwhelmingly positive.

"It's just like looking through a window at real people having sex," was one typical reaction.

Still, at least one distributor was concerned with how the movie will be marketed.

"Our consumers need to realize that this is a lot different, that they're going to get more bang for their buck," he noted. "It's an education. If the store clerks do not educate the customer when they come it, it's going to be a problem."

"With Hollywood coming out with 3D movies and us coming out with movies, I think simultaneously it might start people to get it," Joone responded. "Definitely for me, it does enhance the voyeurism. You feel like you're there, and it enhances the sexual appeal of it."

Certainly, retailers who want to be in the forefront of the adult 3D market will equip their stores with at least one Blu-ray player and a 3D monitor, both of which will cost under $500 at discount electronics stores. Indeed, the industry may see just that combination showing up in arcade booths in the near future.

"We're looking at the long term," Joone stated. "Once people see it, they'll show it to their friends, and the word of mouth will get out as well. A lot of the times, people think, well, 3D, 3D, but then when they see it, they go, 'Oh, I get it.' It's education, and it's going to be one customer at a time to try to get people to become fans and buy these."

Jailhouse Heat streets Nov. 22.