Vivid Girl Nikki Jayne Debuts in 'Nikki Jayne Experiment'

LOS ANGELES - Vivid Girl Nikki Jayne, a statuesque blonde beauty and former English church "angel," debuts this week in her first movie.

The Nikki Jayne Experiment will be in stores on Tuesday, Sept. 30 on DVD and Blu-ray disc. The movie was produced by award-winning adult director B. Skow and contains more than five hours of hard-core sexual antics co-starring Vivid Girl Meggan Mallone, Veronique Vega and Allyssa Hall.

A quote from AVN was selected to headline the new DVD: "The nastiest British import since Sid Vicious."

"There is already a huge groundswell of interest in Nikki and we believe her debut movie could make this into a tsunami," said Skow.

He adds, "We structured the movie in gonzo style with seven amazing sex scenes and five of them star Nikki. Nikki talks to viewers before each scene about the set ups and her choice of partners and comments on the scenes afterwards in her irrepressible style.”

Jayne was born in Manchester and attended school in the historic town of Wigan, where she formed a bubbly, outgoing personality that led her to pursue studies in the performing arts. She worked as an ad rep for a local newspaper and a mainstream model before she decided to make adult movies.

Already she has a magazine cover to her credit -- the December issue of Club International features her on the cover and in an inside feature.

Recently, Britain's "News of the World," the largest Sunday tabloid newspaper in the country with 5 million circulation, carried a lively feature story on Nikki under the headline, "Altar Be Ashamed: From Wigan church girl to Hollywood porn star."

Reporter Matthew Acton wrote: "This little angel has grown up to be a porn again Christian who is dedicated to her missionary work." The article even carries a photo montage that includes a picture of Nikki at her first communion when she was just 12. Writes Acton: "With sparkling blue eyes, Nikki Jayne looks a picture of innocence at her first Holy Communion 12 years ago. But today, the 22-year-old is America's hottest new hard-core porn sensation. From churchgoer to a real goer, the wild Wigan lass once served up cups of tea and biscuits every Sunday. Now she's serving up 34C cups and taking the sex industry by storm."

Nikki was quoted as saying that she "used to go to church every Sunday and me and my friends ran a tea club for the older people. I went every week until I was in my early teens-that's when I started to discover other things in life, like boys."