VCX, Standard Digital Launch Taboo Film Channel

LAS VEGAS - VCX and Standard Digital has announced the launch of a new VOD website dedicated to Kirdy Stevens' award-winning Taboo movies.

The allows members to stream or buy the remastered, uncut versions of all six Taboo movies, as well as Stevens' golden age porn classics Daisy Chain, Playing With Fire and The Animal in Me.

"We've been working together with Standard Digital for a long time," VCX president David Sutton told "It was a kind of natural synergy for us to create this as a joint venture. Standard doesn't go out to a lot of places with it, and a lot of companies won't touch it because of the theme. We're calling it 'alt-themed' – nobody wants to use the word incest. You can't make one of those today – after '95 it's pretty much one of the 3 strike rules. They're still great titles; it's going to really pay dividends going forward, and the viewing public is really going to appreciate it as well."

VCX kept the site design simple. "We want to make it easy for people that are looking for something specific," Sutton said. "On some VOD sites, you find 100,000 titles there if you look – it may be too costly for those guys to get involved to make a custom theater that only has eight or ten titles on it – but it's worth it. There are not a lot of back end steps; you push the button, sign up, and start watching. I just went through the process of reviewing a VOD site, and it was a nightmare- it took forever to get all the licenses required to watch this stuff. Easy is better."

According to Sutton, VCX has already acquired the domain name for Ron Sullivan's classic, filthy four-part series Taboo American Style.

"We're going to start doing this on a more regular basis," Sutton said. "We're going to keep the sites focused on specific genres and series, so that it's easier for the searching public to find their favorites."